Monday, April 30, 2012

A month has gone by!!!!

A month since my last blog!!! How could you let me go that long???

I know!! I've been crazy busy. Between 4 kids doing 7 different sports/activities and doing things up at the kids' school, I haven't even had time to myself to sit and think! But I have had time to stay true to my Paleo lifestyle! These last 3 months have been a true test for me, with everything going on. And I tell you what.... I haven't even had to think about it! It's been like a 2nd nature staying true to my new way of eating!

For those that are curious and would like to know, I am currently at 201!!! I'm into a size 12/14 depending of course on the brand of clothes... But most of them are 12's!!! I feel FABULOUS!!!  I'm down 98 pounds with only 26 more to reach my goal! Although I have noticed, these last few pounds have been hard. My body seems to be adjusting to the new weight and not losing as easily. That's okay with me though! I will keep going with this! And I will keep doing what I have been doing!

I have been trying new recipes! And the family has loved, loved, loved them! I am also sticking with the recipes that I have grown to love... Such as tonight, with my stuffed acorn squash!! It's always a hit!

My husband loves Acorn Squash (no matter how I have cooked or baked it) and the kiddos love the sausage and apple stuffing that I use for the inside!

I have also been feeling a lot more confident with myself and getting out there and talking to and meeting new people. I've been trying to share my Paleo success story with anyone and everyone that I can. I want people to know just how healthy I have become and the changes that I notice in myself as well with my children! Energy levels are up and everyone is so happy!

I have a lot of exciting news in the works!!! Not going to say just what it is, yet. But as soon as things are out and public, I will make sure I post it and share it all!!! :) Can't wait!!

Till next time...