Thursday, January 17, 2013

My life as of today... :D

This blog is totally off the normal beaten path... Maybe..... I just wanted to get it down in words since I'm sitting here thinking about it....

I truly love my life!! Completely, totally, unconditionally!!! No joke!!! I love my life!!!

My wonderful family first!

My husband whom I have only been married to for a little over a year, but I've been with for over 4 years now. He is truly my friend, companion, cheerleader, supporter and anything else you want to classify him as. We may have our typical disagreements and 'discussion' that all married people have but he is always right behind me supporting me in anything I want to do. He gives me pointers from perspective other people may not have, and he doesn't get mad if I shoot one down. He is truly amazing!

My children.... All 4 of them! With them, I don't think I would know the love that I feel for that word 'family'. Of course my son, Nic, is just a little love bug! I will always see him as my baby and I will always want him to be mama's boy and hope he never ever out grows that fact at almost 11 he still wants to sit in my lap and hug me! And Ellie, the love a mom has for her daughter is absolutely amazing! She may irritate me and push my buttons (like I always did to my mom and dad) but she has made me learn patients (and breathing control)! She is my little girl and the light in my eyes. Aaron and Wyatt my not be biologically mine, but since Chris has brought them in my life, I couldn't imagine life without them. They have the most genuine attitudes. Aaron is not afraid to show his emotions and tell you what is wrong! Wyatt is so compassionate and has a love for anyone and everyone round him!

My parents..... My mom has been and always will be my friend! She will listen to me and tell me exactly what she thinks and lets me know just how she thinks something should be done. She has always been there to support and encourage me with anything I wanted to do as a child and as an adult. She compiles ideas with me, lets me use her as a sounding board, throws out suggestions and let's me know just how she would do it if she were in my shoes! I love her for that!

My dad is that man that everyone wants in their life. To give advice, listen to (and lecture). But doesn't get offended if the advice he gives isn't taken (although followed most of the time). Loves a good debate and will almost always take the devils advocate side just to be sure I have done my thinking or research when it comes to a topic..... And has changed my mind a few times doing that!! :) has a great sense of business therefor can answer questions about small business start up and give me answers in terms I will understand.

I love them both for so many of the same reasons and so many different ones, too!

My BFF Metzi, the one friend I have kept Close(yes pun intended) for so many years. I have many friends that I have had longer, but she is the one that has been right there for the last 10+ years, almost every day, in and out, good times and bad. We may have our arguments and disagreements (what friends don't?) At times not see eye to eye but, all in all we will both always come back around. When it comes to that friend that you can tell anything to and not worry bout anyone else finding it, she is that friend! Se loves my family just like her own and I with hers as well. She is the one person that I see as my friend for life. :)

I love having my new business. I love being able to help people. I love all the support I have around me. I love being involved with my kids' school and all the cool new things I'm doing it he community as a volunteer and a small business owner. I can oneself say I have never been in a happier place in my life!

Till next time... :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Little miss Ellie

Several things going on in the last week, but the most important event happening was Ellie's debut dance performance. This was the first one for her to do this year and she w nervous and excited about it! She did fantastic. She was totally into her performance and seemed to have just a blast doing it! She will have 2 more performances in the next couple of weeks then she will be gearing up for her performance at spring fest and of course their recital which this year is 2 days worth! Can't wait for all that!

Other news.... Business is going great! Have a few new clients and I'm really enjoying meeting with them and discussing food and healthy eating with them all! I am also involved with a community health challenge in Moses Lake that about 40 people have joined in efforts to lose weight and eat healthy. I've had several phone calls and a few consultations from it. First weigh in is Monday. S we will see how everyone has done for the first week. The challenge this week was hydration. The person who drank the most water this past week will get a free shopping trip with me. That should be a ton of fun! :)

Business expo is Tuesday evening and I'm totally stoked about that! Can't wait to introduce myself to so many people coming through the doors and explaining my cause and what I do. I'm hoping to gain a few more clients with that. I have some great cards and coupons to give out and a drawing for a chance to win a free meal plan with 2 hours of prep time! I have a gorgeous vertical banner to display as well! Super exciting!

Till next time.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New recipe

So I have been testing out new recipes on the family and on friends as well. I love having the variety of feed back on my new recipes. It helps me make adjustments where they need to be. Last night I tried a new one out for some out of town friends that came over and it was a hit. I made a coconut mango chicken crockpot meal. I have a few little tweaks to make to it before it will be a recipe to share.

I'm trying to find a good app for my iPad to load my personal recipes on in a simple manner. I have one that I'm using right now and I like it, but I want to see if anyone else may use one that they really like. :)

Not to much going on at this point in time. I do have a new client that I am so excited about to work with. I have my consistent and continued clients that I love working with too. I have a lot of things coming up in the next couple of months that I am super excited about. 1 is the community weight loss challenge that starts tomorrow and will run for 6 weeks. I also have the business expo coming up and several network and community meetings over the next month I have been invited to attend. Looking forward to exploring all my business options and different ways to get my business out there and recognized by the community! :)

Till next time!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's to a new year!

I haven't blogged in about 6 months and decided that I will get back into this year. I usually don't like new year resolutions but, I think this is one I can live with. I don't have the resolution to lose weight because I'm already doing that and have been for 18 months now. I will always be on my Paleo lifestyle!

As of right now, I have personally decided to do the 21 DSD. I have had an awesome holiday season with my family! From Thanksgiving, cookie exchange, wine & appetizer parties, company Christmas parties, grant county idol and of course Christmas and New Years!! With all of those I did have so many treats! I decided it was time to get myself back on the wagon and detox my body! What better way then the 21 DSD that I have had so much success with in the past.

Business has been soaring and people are wanting to become healthy! Even my next door neighbor has asked me to help out! :) I have a handful of clients that I work with on a regular basis and it has been so much fun teaching and showing them just how healthy eating and cooking can benefit themselves and their family. Business wise I have several things going on. I now belong to a wonderful network group that meets twice a month. I am doing the annual business expo here in town in a couple of weeks and I was invited to check out the monthly community forum! I think that is going to be another great way to get my name and business out there.

I am also working on a giant selection of recipes. It has been so much fun created and testing all this food. My family is the best taste testers out there. With 4 kids you are always going to get an honest answer out of them. Sometimes it's a hit and sometimes it's a miss, but that is what you need! Of course putting together a collection of personal and original recipes, I want to make sure they are the best. That way I can share them with friends, family and clients! :)

Well, expect to hear more from me! I will be blogging from time to time again about the happenings in life and in business and of course with family, friends and adventures!

Till next time!