Sunday, June 3, 2012

BBQ weekends

The last few weeks have just been a whirlwind of long days and so many things going on. To start with, the launch of my business has been great. I have a few clients that I've been working with and a couple up and coming clients that I'll be starting to work with in the near future. This has been so exciting and so much fun. I've just recently gotten my business cards and logo all finished up and it looks amazing!
As for the meal portion of all this! Incredible!! I've got some sort of inspiration bug going on! I've been totally inspired to write some of my own recipes... Who knows what that could turn into eventually. :)

I said BBQ weekends on the title of this blog and that is exactly whats been happening the last 2 weekends. Last weekend was my son (Nicolas) 10th birthday party. He celebrated this with his good buddy Justin who also turned 10 over the weekend. We had about 25 kids and 25 adults here to help us celebrate. We had fresh fruit and veggie platters, hamburgers, hot dogs and 1 AMAZING birthday cake that my friend Carmen who owns Aloha Cakes! She does an incredible job at decorating and designing cakes! Nic and Justin (being 10) are so into Beyblades! That is exactly what she did was design a ginormous Beyblade stadium with some handmade Beyblades in it! :)

This weekend was graduation weekend. My 'neice' Chalina's boyfriend graduated Saturday and we had a huge family BBQ! Once again, the same scenario. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, fruits and veggies and I actually attempted to make a Paleo German potato salad. I think it turned out amazing and the husband actually liked it as well! Instead of using sugar, I used honey and sweet potatoes instead of your normal potatoes. Needless to say, there wasn't much left after the evening was over. :)

All and all it's been a great couple of weeks! Hoping when school is out and I have kids around, I'll be able to get them on a more strict Paleo meal plan as opposed to what some of the school lunches have been. I know Ellie will be amazingly easy to convert because she already is. But the boys, well, I think they are going to be a little more difficult in the persuasion category!

I have more amazing meals and recipes to come in the near future... Including a Lemon Aeoli that I accidentally created. It's one of my go to sauces now!

Till next time...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Updates!! :)

I had made the promise to do at least 1 blog a week. So, here we go!
I have made a few new milestones!!!! First off, I have officially hit below the 200 mark! I have hit 197.2 pounds! Which in turn means I have also lost over that 100 pounds!! I have lost 102 pounds!! :)

Which also means... for me, my measurements have changed a little bit!  Bust: 41.5", Waist: 36", & Hips: 43.7".. :) and my BMI is down to 29.4%!!! I'm so super excited about all these new numbers!

I'm down to a size 12 for the most part. Of course sizes are different on brand and I never realized how much till now. But I would totally consider myself a size 12 even though I have a couple of 14's in my closet that fit wonderful!

On to another update! I have gone into business for myself and I am doing great!!! I have been going strong with The Delicious Gala. Gaining new clients and just having a blast helping people learn to meal/menu plan and shop! It's been a real eye opener knowing how many people out there don't know how to plan their weekly meal's and shop for them. I'm so glad I can help them do this!

I've been super busy lately! With The Delicious Gala, the kids' school, boys in baseball, boys in football, Ellie in dance and also in drill camp, it's been crazy!!! But, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Till next time...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The next part of my exciting news!!

Here we go! I just launched the next segment of my awesome exciting news! I'm opening a business! Right now it's a meal planning business. I will plan meals for a 2 week period. This will include 25 meals (12 dinners, 8 lunches, 5 breakfast) plus a shopping list. Now, I can also help with going to the grocery store and showing you how to properly shop the store with a list. If I do this with you, I will throw in 2 dessert recipes and snack ideas on your grocery list.

Eventually, I will get into the meal prepping part of this. We can do a 1 week menu with grocery list. You do your grocery shopping and I will prep each meal for you so all you have to do is pull it out of your fridge and throw it all together. :) How easy would that be for a working household! :)

I'm super excited to share with you The Delicious Gala !!! This has been something I've been working on for quite sometime and I'm so ready to get it launched and start working on something I am so passionate about! Thank you everyone who has been totally supportive and behind me 100% with how busy I've been and those that have pushed me to do what I love! :)

Make sure you check out the facebook page and like it! It will give you some more detailed information! The nice thing about meal planning, is you don't have to be in my area for me to help you! We can do everything via email and phone! :) It will be awesome!

The Delicious Gala

Till next time...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A HUGE mile marker has been hit!!! As of this morning I am officially out of the 200's!!! As of this morning I am 198.8 pounds!! This is HUGE!!! I have lost 100.2 pounds in 10 months & 11 days :) I am absolutely amazed at this miraculous milestone! I also just recently had my BMI measured again and I am no longer in the obese category!!! My BMI has now fallen below the 30% marker (technically it's 29.6%), which means by those standards I'm just 'overweight'!!! When I started on this weight loss journey almost a year ago, my BMI was 48%! I'm almost down 19% on my BMI!!! AMAZING!!! I'm also down in measurements! I have a 44" hip, 36.5" waist, & 42" bust. That is just about 24" I have dropped (10" of that is just the waist alone!!!)  in the last 6 months with my measurements. (The actual 6 month mark is May 23rd, so I'll be sure to take measurements then!) I never thought I would or even could come this far! It's been a true journey and adventure and I am still in awe over it! I can't wait to see where it all takes me next.

For those that follow my facebook page, may have seen some new recipes that have been coming up! I am currently working on a collection of these recipes and creating some new ones! Hopefully I will be able to sit down and share them soon! I have had some wonderful ideas and have started writing them down over the last couple of months.. I currently have about 50 of my own recipes I have written!! :) Including some wonderful Mahi Mahi that I made for the family this past Sunday night!

The kids loved it! It isn't that often that I can find a fish that they actually enjoy eating. So far it's only been Salmon and then the fish we catch ourselves, Trout and Walleye! So, for them to go bonkers over the Mahi Mahi and eat every last bit of it with no complaints, well, that's an accomplishment in it's self!!!

Remember about a week ago, I blogged about some great news that was going on? Well, I have awesome new, news #2 in the works and hopefully ready to launch and make public by weeks end!! :) I'm so excited to be able to finally be able to share it with everyone! And even after this news there is going to be more!! (But of course I have to wait on that, too)... So, keep your eyes open and watch for some awesome news this week!!!

Till next time...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exciting news in the works!

As promised, the 1st of my exciting news has hit the circuit!!! So, I will share since it has hit...

I have been featured as Person of the Community in this bi-monthly newsletter for!!! They created such a wonderful and beautiful article that it made so thankful that I have the family and friends that I have! Also, in their newsletter (on page 3) they have done a great article on Paleo. They used my 'before' picture along with my 'after' pictures... Technically it's not an after picture as I'm not quite at my goal as of yet. But I'm getting there. :) It's an 'in progress' picture! The picture that I had them use was a picture that was taken in Forks. This was taken on April 30, 2011. (A year ago!!!) I started my Paleo journey on June 27, 2011. So it wasn't quite 2 months before I started. That picture gives you a good idea on my body style and what I looked like when I started. When I look back at that picture and look at the ones now, I can see a HUGE difference. I didn't realize there was that big of a change. Only because I'm living it day to day :)...

 Go check out their website and you can also find them on Facebook with the same name ( It's a great way to keep in the 'know' on what is going on in our community. :)

There will be more news coming up in the weeks and months to come! I'm excited to share that as well! That is as soon as it becomes public! But as things do come out, I will make sure that I let everyone know! Here is the latest picture of myself. From a size 24 & 299 lbs (above) to a size 12 & 201 lbs (right)... I gotta say... Even my feet have shrunk!!! From a 10W or an 11 (if I couldn't find a wide shoe) to just a straight solid size 10!!!

Till next time...

Monday, April 30, 2012

A month has gone by!!!!

A month since my last blog!!! How could you let me go that long???

I know!! I've been crazy busy. Between 4 kids doing 7 different sports/activities and doing things up at the kids' school, I haven't even had time to myself to sit and think! But I have had time to stay true to my Paleo lifestyle! These last 3 months have been a true test for me, with everything going on. And I tell you what.... I haven't even had to think about it! It's been like a 2nd nature staying true to my new way of eating!

For those that are curious and would like to know, I am currently at 201!!! I'm into a size 12/14 depending of course on the brand of clothes... But most of them are 12's!!! I feel FABULOUS!!!  I'm down 98 pounds with only 26 more to reach my goal! Although I have noticed, these last few pounds have been hard. My body seems to be adjusting to the new weight and not losing as easily. That's okay with me though! I will keep going with this! And I will keep doing what I have been doing!

I have been trying new recipes! And the family has loved, loved, loved them! I am also sticking with the recipes that I have grown to love... Such as tonight, with my stuffed acorn squash!! It's always a hit!

My husband loves Acorn Squash (no matter how I have cooked or baked it) and the kiddos love the sausage and apple stuffing that I use for the inside!

I have also been feeling a lot more confident with myself and getting out there and talking to and meeting new people. I've been trying to share my Paleo success story with anyone and everyone that I can. I want people to know just how healthy I have become and the changes that I notice in myself as well with my children! Energy levels are up and everyone is so happy!

I have a lot of exciting news in the works!!! Not going to say just what it is, yet. But as soon as things are out and public, I will make sure I post it and share it all!!! :) Can't wait!!

Till next time...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

21 Day Sugar Detox completed

Good morning!!! I am pleased to report, that I am now officially done with my 21 Day Sugar Detox. It really wasn't all that hard to follow, even if I was on level 3. Level 1 would have been harder for me to follow because that allows the rice and dairy items, which I have cut out so many months ago!!

Within the 3 weeks that I was on the 21 DSD I lost 7.8 pounds and 3.25" in the waist. Not a whole lot of weight for the inches lost if you ask me!! :) I think it's wonderful! This was something that I needed to do to get my body back in sync and re-kick started to lose a little more weight.

I'm getting so close to my goal! If you remember back when I started I said that I wanted to get to 175. Well, I've added to that as well. I feel that with my body structure and height, that size 10 is a good size for me. Well, that's not that far off either! I'm currently at 206 pounds (31 lbs away from my goal) and I am in a solid size 14. I do currently have 2 pairs of pants that are size 12 that fit comfortably! :) I'm also in a size L shirt, which is right were I wanted to be in a shirt as well. Yes, I'm still hung up on weight. It's one of those things that is just so hard to get out of. That's why I added some 'size' goals to it as well. I think if I added some size goals for once I get to 175, then the weight thing won't be as big of an issue as long as I stay in that size 10!

So now that the 21 DSD is over where does that leave me? Still on a Paleo Lifestyle. I'm just able to have my fruit back. Like I have said before, Paleo is my new lifestyle. It will never be anything that I will change. Not only because it has helped me lose weight, but because it has gotten me so healthy. It has made my kids so healthy as well. It's unbelievable! Besides a small little cold here and there, Nic and Ellie have not had to go to the doctor in about a year, except for their routine yearly check up. I haven't been to the doctor for being sick in over a year as well. My belief??? It's because of the food that we are putting into our bodies! I'm not allowing the family to eat 'crap' food like we used to. Yes, they still have dairy... yes, they still have to occasional wheat product. But other then that....

That leads me to my new adventure! I have decided to help contribute to the 'family farm/garden'. My aunt and cousins have had a garden going on for a few years now. IT'S HUGE!!!! (They've always had a farm!) Well, this year, I'm getting my hands dirty and helping out with this garden to get a share of the fresh fruits, veggies and herbs it's going to produce! Kim got everything planted in the starter kits and most of them have started to sprout! Steph and I got the ones that were big enough moved down to the green house. I think it was 5 flats we moved down with about 10-12 more still sprouting up at the house. Then we headed down to Big R to get some transplanting pots and baby chickens!!!
We got 16 of the little girls!!! 8 reds and 8 whites. They are both good for eggs and meat. However with a slight difference. The white females get up to 4.5 pounds and produce 280 eggs a year. The reds get up to 6 lbs and produce 180 eggs a year. Once these little ones get big enough to thrive on their own, we will be releasing them out next to the pond so they can free range and grass feed. My cousin wants 'organic/free range' chicken where I want 'grass fed' chicken... so it will be the best of both worlds! They will be out with the ducks and geese!

What better way to start out my first FULL summer as a Paleo geek having a fresh garden to eat from, grass fed, free range eggs (with meat later in the year) ... I'm so excited about this new journey and new chapter starting in my life! It's going to be just awesome!!

Till next time...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Almost done with 21 DSD

I'm on day 2 of week 3... Which means only 5 more days to go. If you are a sugar craver and what to cut it out, I would totally recommend this to you! There are 3 different levels. Level 1 is for the the 'non-Paleo' person. For you are still able to have dairy and some grains. I have only lost 2 points in the past 16 days. Those 2 points where for 1 day of no workout and I had a shot on my birthday this past Sunday. :) Other then that, I've been able to not only stick with the detox, but I've been able to stick with the challenge.

When I started the detox, I thought, hey this is going to be easy. And to be honest, the first week was easy for me. It's been last week and so far this week. Last week I was wanting to eat some of my dark cocoa. (Which I didn't) and so far this week, when I go into the store and see all those fruits coming out, I want to eat some of those fruits. I think that is what I'm really looking forward too when I get off the detox, is getting some of my fruits back.

I thought I was slowing down in my weight loss but I guess I haven't now that I have looked back these past 16 days. I have lost 4.2 pounds as of this morning. So, I'm still on my 2 pounds a week trek! I've also lost 1 3/4" around my waist in the last 2 weeks. It's unbelievable. My small 14's are all fitting now. I even have 1 pair of 12's that I can fit into without struggling!!!! I have been able to get rid of all the 16's in my closet and I'm fitting into L shirts. I've been weeding out all the XL shirts that are too big. I'm starting to work on my summer wardrobe. I have had to get rid of all my summer clothes because they were to big, now I have to stock back up on some clothes. I've started with some summer dresses and a couple pairs of shorts. I do have some t-shirts and some 'summery' shirts. But now I need to work out some summer shoes (because my feet are no longer wide!!) And a swim suit!!! That I know I need to get in the next week because Ellie is having a swimming party for her birthday on April 1st!

As of this morning, I am at 210.4!!!! I'm almost out of the double digits, then it's just singles till I'm out of the 200's ... I can't believe it! I can't believe how far I have gone in the last 9 months!! I've lost weight, I got married to a wonderful man, I have a new vehicle, I am a model for a local photographer, I have amazing children, and I feel wonderful about myself and the way I look!

Till next time...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 1 on the 21 DSD

Today marks the end of week 1 on the 21 DSD. That means only 2 weeks left to go. It really isn't all that long of a time on the sugar detox. And to think this is going to help rid any bad habits of sugar cravings!

In this week, I haven't had any cheats and I've been able to do some sort of workout everyday. Either at the gym or getting out and walking or jogging! Yes, I have started to jog! It feels great to be able to go out and jog. I can do about 15 minutes of jogging right now. With a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down, it gives me about 1.5 miles that I can do! Why jogging? Because my goal is to do the 5K race on Memorial Day weekend here in Moses Lake! I haven't done with race since I was 12, with my dad. I want to do this again, and maybe in the years to come, have my kids do it with me! That would be my ultimate goal. Maybe I can even get my dad to run in it for another year or 2.. :) (Hint hint dad!!)

I am staying pretty stable on the 21 DSD. I am down to 214. Which it seems like I'm at yet another plateau or I'm just losing weight super slow now. I only have 39 pounds to go to reach my final, long term goal. I knew that once I reached my last 50 pounds I would probably have to work harder at it and that seems to be the case. In 7 weeks I have lost 6 pounds. Not as fast as I want it to be, but as long as I'm still going in the right direction, it's OK! I lose a pound and then nothing for a week or two, then lose another pound and nothing. At least I can stay consistent though. :)
On the 21 DSD there is a recipe index with some new 21 DSD approved foods and recipes. This is just one that I have made this past week. It is  chicken in a mustard sauce. Oh boy was it good. We of course had it with green beans with bacon and a nice green salad. I've had fun working with the new recipes and plan on working with some more of them in the next couple of weeks. Even using them beyond the 21 DSD. :)

Till next time...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A new Challenge

If you all remember back in October, Charissa had given me a pre-holiday accountability challenge. I did that and had wonderful success. Well, there is a new challenge in the air. Starting Monday march 5th, I (along with several other people) will be starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox nutrition/workout challenge. I'm super excited for this one!! As you know, I've been at a small (OK, HUGE) plateau over the last month. I've been super busy and haven't been able to do a whole lot of gym time, so my weight has hardly moved, if at all! This 21 DSD is just what I am in need of to get me kick started again!

Charissa now works with The Balanced Bites. Which is an amazing website and podcast by Diane Sanfilippo. Diane is the one that created the 21 Day Sugar Detox. Teacher you in several levels how to eat and cut your sugar cravings! Well, I bought and downloaded the e-book and have now read through it all and I am psyched!!! Granted, I don't have those sugar cravings like most people out there do, only because I've been Paleo for 8 months now, but it will be a nice little reset button for all those little 'cheats' I do once in awhile. I think this is exactly what I need. Not only that, but I need to get back into the gym on a regular basis. I've been going, but only about 1 or 2 times a week to my workout class. I haven't been going in on my own and just working on machines or walking.

So, starting Monday, I will be working on my points :). Taking waist measurements each week, of course sleeping for 7+ hours a night, drinking 8 or more cups of water a day, posting about how I am feeling 3 times a week on the 21 DSD facebook page. I will also have to log all cheats and take a point away for a cheat and log all the days I don't workout and take a point away from that as well! I can only eat foods that are on the Yes list and can't eat anything that is on the No list. So, as of right now, I have introduced myself on the 21 DSD facebook page which is worth 10 points. :) That's what I have when I go into this on Monday!

There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and I'd LOVE to get one of the prizes!! So, that is what I am working towards. This means over the next 3 weeks... I'm going to make it a point to hit the gym everyday and not have any cheats!!! I don't want to lose points! It's only 3 weeks! I can do this! I know I can!

And for those of you that are watching me and keeping track..... As of this morning I'm at 215.8!!! I'm down 83.2 pounds! That means that I have 40.8 left to go! It has been slow, like I said the last month, but I have been able to maintain and keep going. I'm super excited and will make sure I continue to blog about my progress on the 21 DSD.

I hope you all take the time to look at the links that I left up above. They are some great websites and have helped me out tremendously! I love listening to the podcast. So very informative!

Till next time...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello to one and all

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I've blogged. I haven't had much progress lately. The last 2 weeks have been a complete plateau for me and not moving from the 222-220 pound range. It's been frustrating, but it's happened and it will happen. :) I have hit 3 plateau's now doing Paleo. The first plateau was at 20 pounds. I was in Denver when it finally broke. It was a breaking point and I almost quit trying at that point. The second one was at 55 pounds, in November. It was when I got married, it was Thanksgiving and a whole bunch of other good 'treats' in that time frame. I was stuck for about 3 weeks at that point. But at that time, I wasn't frustrated with everything going on. And I knew that too would pass and I would start losing weight again. This last time was over the last 2 1/2 weeks. It's been frustrating this time around, because I am so close to my goal.

This morning I stepped on the scale and expected to see either 221 point something or 220 point something. But instead I got a great surprise. I saw the teems!! I saw 219!!! Wow! That's 80 pounds!! That also hopefully means that my plateau is over and done with and I can get back on track! I still have 45 pounds left to go and I am expecting to hit another plateau before I hit my goal.
This picture was taken on Valentine's Day. I'm actually wearing a dress (with leggings of course) in a size L!!!! Size L...... never in my life do I remember that! Now, that I'm back on track, I feel great. Next big goal is getting under that 200 mark! I know it's achievable, I'm come so far and I know I can keep going. I have HUGE ideas in mind of things I want to do and ideas I want to make into reality and I'm positive that they will come to life. I've been given more oppertunity these days then I have in my life ever before. I can't wait for new adventures to happen!

I'm having a Pampered Chef party today and I have been the one to plan out the menu. I'm so excited to 1, try these out and 2, show the people that are coming, how easy and great tasting Paleo food is! It's going to be exciting! I need to take pictures too!! :)

Till next time...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What a great feeling.

I was out and about doing some things this morning. Had the kids' pictures taken for Valentine's Day. Went and visited Chris's mom to pick up a couple things she had been working on, and then the kids decided they would like pizza for dinner. So, I had to stop in the Papa Murphy's to get a couple of pizza's for the kiddos.

I order my pizza's and wait for them to get made and in walks an old friend I haven't seen in almost 2 years. I greeted her and went in to give her a hug and she just stared at me! So, I stopped and didn't hug her all the way, because I saw this bewilderment look on her face. It took her about 30 seconds, but she looked at me and said "Sheryl"? I said yes :) .....

She was in shock! She couldn't believe it was me. All she kept saying was Oh my god, you look amazing. Oh my god, you look awesome. If was such a wonderful feeling! The last time she had seen me, I wasn't taking care of myself. I was at my biggest point in weight, I didn't like to dress up, didn't like to have make up on. But today, I was all made up. :) I was in a brand new skirt (size 14) that I just finally fit into! Had my hair done, make up on, wearing my new faux fur knee high boots I just got. I was feeling good!!

Today, I'm down 75 pounds!! 49 left to go! I am feeling great and still going strong! It's not hard to pass on something that I shouldn't eat, except for chocolate, but I'm able to do that in moderation! I have learned to listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry and not just because it's a 'meal' time! I have learned when Chris takes me out to eat at a nice restaurant, I can  ask for other things! I don't have to have that rice, or cheesy mashed potatoes. I can ask for seasonal steamed veggies or sliced tomatoes. It's ok! Most places allow those types of substitutions!

What a wonderful day it's been!

Till next time...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Milestone marker

Today is another Milestone benchmark! Today, this morning, I stepped on the scale and I am currently sitting at 225!!! I have lost 74 pounds!! And I have just 50 left to go!! I'm on that extreme downside of the hill!!!

Another thing I have started doing in the last 2 months is I have started taking measurements. And boy have I noticed a difference!! I may have only lost 19 pounds in the last 2 months, but I have lost quite a bit in inches! It's crazy, so, I am going to start sharing my measurements to show you just how important they are too. They work hand in hand with the weight!

Here you go: 2 months ago
weight: 244 lbs - now 225 lbs
hips: 51.5" - now 48.5"
waist: 46.5" - now 44.5"
bust: 48" - now 44"

That's 19 lbs and a total of 13 inches gone!!! That's just in 2 months!!!

If you remember a few months back, Charissa had a challenge and I lots some weight and saw a huge different in my pictures I took (Accountability Challenge).. Charissa wanted a new picture of me in my 'Damsels' T-shirt, so I took a new one, since it's been 3 months :)
It has gotten quite baggy on me as you can see. :) I'm fitting into more and more of my size 14 clothes, XL shirts and even some L shirts!!! It feels so good to go into a store and try stuff on and realize it's to big and have to go to the next size down. I just had to do that with a new jacket I bought. XL was a little to big and L fit perfect!!! I don't even remember the last time I wore a L!

Till next time...

Monday, January 23, 2012

I've been published!!!

That's some pretty exciting news!!! Granted it was just a quote from my email I send to People magazine, but still they published a quote out of it! For those that are interested, this was the FULL email that I sent to them!

It is not only inspiring, but motivational to read these stories and see these pictures of the men and women that have lost half their weight! It helps people like me to stay on track of my own weight loss journey! It gives me that inspiration to know that I can still keep it off 2, 5 or even 10 years later! I started out obese (299 lbs) and just like the others realized I needed to change something. I also used No surgery or gimmicks (I've gone Paleo) and I've had real success in losing 70 lbs so far. I hope within a year, I to will be half my size! Thank you for the inspiring and motivational article.

This is what was printed:

It is so exciting to know that they actually took the time to read my email, and then actually decided that it was 'good' enough to take a quote from it to publish in their magazine. I keep thinking about just how many letters does 'People' magazine get? Thousands upon thousands!! And they pick mine!! Awesome way to start my week out!!!

Till next time...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sausage stuffed Acorn Squash

I got this recipe off of Fast Paleo and had to modify it just a tad, because I didn't have the celery in the fridge. It was so awesome, that I have decided to make again tonight!

  • 2 acorn squash
  • 1 lb sausage
  • 3 Tbsp coconut oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 tsp sage
  • 1 celery rib, 1/2 red onion, 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 apples, chopped
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 1/2 cup almond meal
  • 2 sprigs rosemary

  • For my recipe with the modification. I didn't use celery, I had a sweet yellow onion that I needed to use up, I used breakfast sausage and I used 1 tbsp of dry rosemary, because I didn't have fresh. Other then that, I had everything in the house. :)

    1. Pre heat oven to 400. Cut squash in half length wise and scoop out the seeds. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and sage to taste.
    2. Use 1 Tbsp. of coconut oil. Brush or spoon coconut oil into each half of squash. Roast for 60 minutes.
    3. While squash is roasting, melt remaining 2 Tbsp. coconut oil in a pan over medium heat and brown the sausage. Remove sausage from pan and let cool in a mixing bowl. Leave the fat in the pan.
    4. Finely dice the onion, celery and garlic and saute over medium heat for a few minutes– until they are softened. Add some salt and pepper. Then add the chopped apples and saute for a couple more minutes.
    5. Remove from heat and add to the mixing bowl with the sausage. Allow to cool.
    6. When sausage and vegetable mixture are cool enough to handle, add egg and almond or flax meal. Chop rosemary finely and add as well. Mix with your hands (I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to wash them first, right?) until well combined.
    7. After an hour, remove squash from the oven. Divide the stuffing among the 4 halves– the stuffing should be mounded– and bake for another 20 minutes.
    8. To avoid scorching the roof of your mouth… like I did… you should be patient and let it cool for a bit before you stuff it into your mouth eat it! Enjoy.

    My family loved this! The kids weren't to keen on the squash, but the stuffing part of it they loved. I had a little bit of the stuffing left over after filling the acorn squash and that's what I fed to the kids along with some pork chops. :) It was awesome!!

    Hope you enjoy, Till next time...

    Thursday, January 19, 2012

    Another Ah ha moment in my life

    With the advice of my good friend Charissa, I started listening to a podcast called Balanced Bites. This podcast has given me a whole new look out on the way I was eating. It has helped me understand some of the things that have been going on with my body. It has helped me learn what to look for when it come to food and eating. It's been amazing!!

    I started out listening to the podcast Paleo 101, part 1 and part 2. They where so informational and so right on point. They made so much sense and made me understand this Paleo lifestyle that I am doing! They talked about the 'rules' of Paleo and how to 'navigate' through all the rules. Once I finished with those 2 podcast, I had to download the rest of them and listen to them all. I started at #1.... the best place to start, at the beginning! I listened and I listened and I was having 1 ah ha moment after another with what to eat, how certain foods affect you. Why these foods make you 'regular', why these don't, etc.
    (this flow chart said it all!!!)

    Then the big ah ha moment came just today. I was listening to the podcast while doing some grocery shopping (I always listen to my iPod in the store, keeps the screaming kids out of my head). Diane and Liz where talking about stress levels and how stress and huge life changes can affect what happens with your body. This immediately made me start thinking about when I started gaining weight, and I'd be damned!!! It was true in my case as well.

    It was when I turned 19. I was a size 14, about 200+ lbs. I was just done with my first year of college, in a serious relationship, to a man that I was certain I was going to marry. Then my life turned upside down.... I found out I was pregnant and I had no idea what I was going to do, was I really in love, was I going to marry this man (NO!). I was 19, I was still in college and wanting to finish, I was wanting to travel. I wanted to do all those things. With some fast and vast decision making, I terminated the pregnancy and immediately was moved from Colorado to Washington to make a new life  (boy did I do that). My head was spinning.

    I moved in with my bachelor uncle and fended for myself. I got a swing shift job (that I kept for a whole 3 months)!! I didn't know how to cook, so I just would grab something quick and easy, fast food, or junk food. I didn't care. I was into a size 16 before I knew it. By the time I was 20 I was getting into a corporate job and buying 'work clothes' and they were all 16 and 18. By the time I was 23 I was into a size 20, getting married, still really not knowing how to cook and doing a lot of take out and 'boxed' food for my new husband. By the time I was 25, I was into a size 22/24 and who knows how much I weighed? In 2001 my grandfather had a stroke and I moved from Seattle to a small little town of Moses Lake to help take care of him. Within 5 months I was pregnant with my son. Of course this is when the weight came in. I started my pregnancy weighing 274. I was in shock but I was having a baby, so all was good in my eyes.

    I never got over a size 24 but as you all know (if you have read my past blogs) that I did get up to 299 pounds. I will get back to my point..... the podcast made me think about when this all started to happen... I wasn't overweight before that, I really wasn't overweight in High School. I had a mom who cooked home made meals, never out of a box and we always had our fruit and veggies. We very rarely ate out and when we did, it was the fancy nice restaurants, that had decent food at it.

    I was in shock that I could trace it back to that point.... Almost 18 years ago!

    Today, of course, is a totally different time! 7 months ago I took on the Paleo lifestyle and I'm not looking back!!! 72 pounds gone... 5 WHOLE pant sizes gone.... A whole new outlook on life... I feel 100% better then I ever had. Why? Because I'm eating right, I'm eating the way I'm supposed to be eating. I'm not sluggish, I have energy, I can keep up with my kids and not have to sit back and watch them. I feel amazing!

    For me, the journey will continue for the rest of my life, but for the short of it, I still want to lose 52 more pounds. Once that is gone, I want to get my body fit and lean! I KNOW I can do this. I know this can be done. I have done many things in my life and when I put my mind to it, it will get done!!!

    Till next time...

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    Dinner on a Monday night.

    Things are going great! Still strong on Paleo and doing fantastic. I'm down to 227!! I'm well into my 20's now! Down 72 pounds! I love to cook (if you haven't noticed as of yet) and the one thing that I am trying to do is come up with new and inventive ways to make things within my Paleo world. Now, I know there are plenty of recipes out there, but there are times that I don't like to go searching for a new recipe and just want to improvise. So, that is what I did tonight!

    I wanted some good down fried chicken. :) Of course, with being on Paleo, I haven't been able to have that. So, tonight I decided to put some coconut oil in my pan, crusted it up with some almond flour and bam!!! There you go! Some great almond fried chicken. :)

    Then along with that I had to put some greens. My daughter LOVES asparagus. That is what she asked for, so that was one of the side dishes we had. I do make a hallondaise to go along with that for everyone else in the house that likes it.
    Of course the we have to have something else. So, I had to ask one of the other kids what they wanted. Well, my oldest stepson, Aaron LOVES peppers & sweet onions. So, I cute up some red and green bell peppers, red onion and mushrooms (my husbands favorite) and sauteed those up in some coconut oil and garlic! They were wonderful!
     Of course, we always have a great veggie salad to go along with dinner and that didn't change tonight. I made my great veggie salad, that all 4 of the kids eat up without any problem what-so-ever!

    Down 72 pounds! I can't get over that. And I'm eating foods that are awesome and good and flavorful! I've been able to slip into 2 of my size 14 pants! It's been fabulous! I have 52 pounds left to get to my goal!! It's been great so far and I know it will continue to be!

    Till next time...

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Say hello to my 20's ;)

    When you're a mother with growing kids in your 30's, you tend to be okay not going back to your 20's. All because they were more of your free spirited days before kids and marriage. :) Well, in my case, I'm so beyond excited to welcome my 20's back into my life again. (Even if it might be for only a month). I am so excited to report that as of yesterday I'm back in my 20's! That is 229 to be exact! It has been way to long since I have stared this number in the face. I don't remember the last time I was at this weight. That's the happy but sad part about this. Being down this much weight, I don't know when the last time I weighed this much or was in this size of clothes....

    Size of clothes..... that brings to the other exciting point. When I saw the number on the scale I decided to try on a new pair of jeans I had just bought.. In a size 14... and you know what happened??? They went on, zipped and buttoned!! I couldn't believe it!
    Size 14 pants, XL tshirt and sweater. Down 70 pounds and 3 shirt sizes and 5 whole pant sizes!!! :) Woo hoo!! To exciting! I have 54 pounds to go to reach my goal weight... I don't have a pants goal, it will all depend on what my body does when I get down to my goal weight. Once I'm there, I will start doing some more fine tune toning and what not!

    I'm super excited and so happy I can share this with you! I never thought that weight loss could be this exciting and this much fun to share. I now have several friends that have started the Paleo journey. Not only to lose weight, but to get healthy. It's amazing what eating right can do for you. Not only can you lose weight when you are eating right, but you become healthy.

    I've had blood work done back in late Nov after Thanksgiving. I was 244 at that time. All that blood work came back with every single test within normal ranged... Blood sugar levels, glucose, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, etc. Everything was in normal range. And with someone has obese as I once was. That is so pretty exciting news! I'm still overweight, and still have 54 pounds to lose, but I know I'm healthy and I'm doing this in a healthy way! That's what matters. I now know that I am going to be around for my kids and not have to worry about obesity taking over my body! It's a wonderful feeling.

    Now it's time to go and raid my mother-in-laws closet for all the size 14's that she has. And put some new things into my wardrobe. I do have a couple of size 14 pants, but not much. I have 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of slacks, a pair of khaki's and a long denim skirt that are 14's.... I have been selling off lots of my old clothes that I can't fit into anymore and using that money to update my wardrobe some more. :) It's been awesome!!!

    Till next time...

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    Spaghetti Sauce

    Here it is! My Paleo friendly spaghetti sauce! I love it! I'm sure that it can get even more Paleo then this, but I'm just starting out. :)

    In my crock pot I put 3 cans of diced tomatoes. I recently discovered fire roasted tomatoes. :) So I do 2 cans of fire roasted and 1 regular. Then 3 cans of tomato sauce. Stir those all together. Then I add the seasons. Garlic powder, salt & pepper, Italian season, and my new favorite is a southwestern seasoning that I have discovered. Gives it a nice little kick!

    I get all this stirred together and start simmering. While this is cooking, I will chop up a whole white onion, 1 package of mushrooms, and if I have a green pepper in the house (which I always do these days) 1/2 of a green bell pepper. Then I will cook up 1 lb of ground beef. Throw that all in the crock pot and stir together and let the flavors just marry together.

    That's it. That's all there is to it. I will play around with this and depending on my taste buds that day, I'll add a little this or that. :) It's all up to you!

    Now of course with this I cook a spaghetti squash. :) It is so yummy this way!

    Hope you enjoy,
    Till next time...

    Staring 20's right in the face

    As of this morning, I'm sitting at 230... I'm staring the 20's right in the face! I can't believe that I'm at this point. It feels absolutely wonderful! I have lost 69 pounds! Which means that I have 55 pounds left to go! Unbelievable!!!

    I'm still full on Paleo. Eating and trying new things. Lots of protein, veggies, a little fruits, nuts and seeds. My good friend Charissa has started her own blog about Paleo as well called Rescue by Paleo. It has some wonderful information about the particulars about Paleo.

    I've been working on some new creations here at the home front. One of them is my homemade spaghetti sauce with spaghetti squash as the 'noodle'. I have been wanting my spaghetti sauce. Something I have been eating and making for years. But when I went Paleo, I cut out my pasta. Well, why would I make spaghetti sauce when I can't have noodle to put it on? Well, that's when I started investigating and searching for something to use with my spaghetti sauce that is still Paleo appropriate. That is when I discovered spaghetti squash! I learned looked up how to cook it and started the process. I started my spaghetti sauce in my crock pot (I'll post that recipe next) and let that just simmer! Then onto the squash. Season with olive oil and salt and pepper. You cook it upside down for at least 45 minutes at 350*. Let it cool and then you can use a fork to 'scrape' it out! Oh so yummy!
    Now that I'm familiar with Paleo style cooking, I can play around with my flavor. I actually use fire roasted tomatoes now. It gives the sauce such a great flavor!

    On to bigger goals coming up. I know its going to get a little harder from here with 55 pounds to lose. But I'm totally going for it and can't wait to see where it is going to take me!!

    Till next time...

    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    Me??? Inspiring???

    I have had so many of you tell me that you love my blog. You read every post that I put out there. You have tried my recipes, etc. I want to thank you!!! I never expected any of this to happen.

    When I started my blog and my Paleo journey, I wanted to write stuff down to be able to go back on and see what I have accomplished. I have been able to do that! I can go back and say "Wow! In the first month I lost 15.4 pounds!" That's pretty cool considering back then I had 124 pounds to lose! People started asking me about Paleo and about my blogs, recipes, eating, etc. So, I started linking them up to my facebook page.

    Let me tell you, not in a million years would I have ever imagined so many of you reading and looking at my blog and actually trying my recipes. Not in a million years would I have ever though I would hear so many people tell me what an inspiration I am to them. How I am inspiring them to try different, healthier things to eat. I have encouraged them to look into Paleo and lose weight! I am truly amazed and completely blessed by each and everyone one of you that have done this for me!

    Not only has your kindness and your inspiration help me feel great about myself, but it has inspired me to continue to blog and get the word out there. It has inspired me to help continue to share my recipes and my journey in Paleo living. It has inspired me to look for new ways of cooking and to create amazing dishes that I hope each and everyone of you try at home!

    My Paleo journey is far from over! Paleo is a way of day to day life and not something that I am just going to quit when I hit my weight loss goal. It will be something that I will be doing for the rest of my life. So, of course I am going to have to figure out new and exciting things to cook up! But also make a spin on those items I already do cook on a regular basis!

    Again, thank you!!! You have helped me make my journey so much better and so much fun!

    Till next time...