Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Starting off the new year!!

Tomorrow starting off the new year, I'm going to track 30 days of paleo living. Map it out and see what the results are. I have decided to do this starting tomorrow January 1, 2014. After 30 days of tracking every little thing I will see what results will be like. 

I have also decided to get back into the gym after not going into one in over 4 months. Because of working full time now, along with my business and with the kids, I have thought it has been to hard, but that thought is now out of my head! I will make it a point to get into the gym at least 3 times a week! I have also decided to hire a personal trainer to work with me once a week and then do a cardio kickboxing class that my PT puts on at the gym. There for doing 1 workout on my own, 1 with a trainer and 1 class. :) 

I also thi that is I track my eating and paleo life style on here then it will also keep me accountable. Although I haven't totally fallen off the wagon, I know that I have had way to many 'treats' over the last few months and especially with the holidays. This time of year is always a struggle with everything that is out there when it comes to yummy goodies! My pants fell a little tighter and I don't like that. Even though I haven't been on a scale I know I will need to step there to track all of this. 

I hope that each and everyone of you that is reading this has a wonderful new year and everything you hope and dream for comes true! I will be tracking my story through my blog for all those to see and share! :)

Till next time...