Saturday, July 29, 2017

Back at it again!!

Just like that title says! I'm back at it again! Losing weight, blogging, living a wonderful life. I have made a commitment to myself once again to lose weight! Here's my story of what has happened over the last year!

I gained quite a bit of my weight back after getting 'sick' summer on 2016. I wasn't feeling good, bloated, just lack of energy even though I was still trying to eat healthy. Was in and out of the doctors office. Several doctors. After blood work, ultrasounds and even biopsies. I found that I had 2 fibroid tumors the size of golf balls, in my uterus. Over 50% of women get these. Of those women 90% have no issues and some don't even realize they have them. I was the (un)lucky 10%. I was bleeding heavy, cramping, just having lots of issues functioning and not feeling well. 1 doctor gave me medicine and said this will stop the bleeding and then you'll be fine. 

After 2 months of the pills, I still wasn't feeling right. Even though the bleeding had stopped I was still cramping and just not feeling myself. I decided to go see a specialist in Seattle. She did another ultrasound and compared it to my one just 3 1/2 months before and my fibroids where now the size of tennis balls. She wanted to do surgery as soon as we could. A hysterectomy would get rid of all the issues. Leaving. My ovaries soiwouldnt haveany hormone issues but taking everything else. My fibroids here the uncommon ones that grew rapidly. I was already looking like I was 6 months pregnant. So surgery would have to be done as a c-section. We schedule surgery for December.

Surgery day came, I went in, got prepped, knew I would be there over night. Surgery was supposed to take 2 hours, it took 4 hours! Double the time! The next morning she told me what had happened. 

It had been 2 1/2 months since she saw my fibroids as tennis balls. When she got in there, my 2 fibroids were softball sizes AND I had 30-40 large pea size fibroids that had formed. She had to scoop all the fibroids out before she could even get the uterus out. My uterus was so enlarged my bladder had to be peeled off of it before she could take it out. She had to cut my uterus into quarters in order to get it all out. I was very fortunate to get this all taken care of in the time that I did.

Recovery was going to be 6-8 weeks before I could go back to work. But even a little longer before I fully felt like myself. Which she told me at that time that I needed to take my weight back because it was so hard to get inside my pelvic area! 

It had been 6 months since surgery (in June)-!: I was beginning to feel like myself. July 5th I started all Paleo back up. Back to my eating habits, clean eating, walking. All the things I have done before. Here I am, almost 4 weeks into taking my life back and I am already down 16 pounds! 

I've got this. I've rolled right back into the old way! It's like riding a bike! Can't wait to get back to where I was!  I will get there! 

Till next time!

Picture for 16-17 school year! Right before surgery!!

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