Saturday, April 30, 2011

My weekend get away!!!

I will totally be posting pictures when I get home. This was the best little get away!! Totally need it and totally worth it. My BFF Metzi and 2 of my new good friends (Kristina and Amanda) have all gone to Forks, WA for the weekend. Only because we are such Twi-hards!!! We made little stops along the way. I have taken some great pictures. And we will be making more stops today and doing a ton of fun things today!!

Today we are going to go find Bella's truck. Go and see the hospital and head out to La Push where 'Jacob' is supposed to be. Yesterday we stopped in a store called Dazzled by Twilight in Port Angeles, where the guy behind the counter was all for 'Team James'. After he said it a few times, we all finally realized that man did he look like a young version of James! It was kind of cool! Well, I picked up a t-shirt, shot glass for a friend, and a magnet for my fridge! Today I'm going to go into the Dazzled by Twilight that is here in Forks and see what they have to offer in there.

I've been up for almost 2 hours now. The rest of the girls are still sleeping. I've gotten my coffee from the little espresso stand down the road and just sitting here enjoying that! Hopefully I'll be able to kick these girls out of bed soon! I want to get out and go see some things!!

Till later!

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