Monday, November 14, 2011


What a memorable day!!! Our lives changed! It was magical, special and unforgettable!
We had a wonderful day. Family, friends were all around to help us celebrate. We had a wonderful lunch, Cesar salad, lasagna, and garlic bread.... completely and totally non-Paleo!!! It was my weekend and I was going to eat what I wanted! We had an absolutely wonderful, delicious cake made by Carmen Hansen! I will be ordering cakes from her from now on!

We went to Cave B Inn for our wedding night and stayed in a beautiful room. A couple hours after checking in, we got a knock on the door and to our surprise, a special little gift from the Chef and the Inn!
I'm so glad I made the 'commitment' to myself to let myself indulge and splurge this whole weekend. And not worry about anything come Monday! Chocolate covered strawberries with whip cream, was just wonderful!!!

We had a wonderful dinner, lots of wine, and a windy stormy night inside our room!!!

Saturday night we head back to Moses Lake, and stayed at the local Ameri-Stay Inn, in a wonderful whirlpool suite! Huge jetted tub! We were there for less then 24 hours, and I had to take 2 baths in that huge thing! It was wonderful. Margarita's for dinner, with chicken and a great time gambling and just enjoying the evening.

Today its almost like starting over, but I feel good about it. I'm not worried about that number on the scale today. I just know I have to jump back onto the band wagon and go full force again! On my wedding day I was down 57 pounds! I was down to 242!! I can't believe it! That is 7 pounds more then what my goal was! Now, my next HUGE goal is to get down to 199... then it will be the final stretch! I can't believe how far I've come and how my final goal is getting closer and closer and more in reach then it has ever before!

Till next time!

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