Monday, August 8, 2011

Back on track

I had a fabulous family reunion this weekend. Great family and great food!! After losing 20 pounds, I figured I was able to splurge a bit and eat some of this great food that everyone was bringing and making! So, I did... do I regret... absolutely not! Should I have held back? OK, maybe a little bit... but, I'm not upset and I probably would do it again (just with a little more restraint). I did gain 3 pounds back. It was so hard to lose and so easy to put back on! I forgot that part about losing weight and not watching things!

About the food that I so much enjoyed! My brother and sister in law went down and dug up pounds and pounds of clams and oysters. Oh, and once they were cooked, were they ever wonderful to eat. The oysters where deep fried (big bad no no for me) once I had one, I had another and another and so on. I haven't had pasta in over 2 months now and there were some fabulous pasta dishes there! Cake? Oh ya, we had birthdays and guess what? German chocolate cake was there to celebrate and so was I! It was fresh and so wonderful! And the desserts that were made! Wow, is all I can say.

Of course, once all the early birds left and it was the 'younger' of the crowd, we pulled out the wine coolers, beer and I had to make mojito's (hey, I did use diet 7-up!!)! Add a few of those and along with the food and there you have splurged beyond belief!

So, after all the awesome food and great pancakes for breakfast, I am back on track today. Back to the basics...Nothing but my cup of black coffee this morning and water all day! Making sure that if I want to snack, I'm snacking on fresh fruits and veggies!

I went out to the garden this morning and pick 3 fresh green bell peppers and a beautiful large head of broccoli! I can't wait to cut into these and enjoy them. I think I am going to make some broccoli salad for this week and just snack on my peppers. And we saw a butternut squash and an already nice sized watermelon! I can't wait for the tomatoes to turn also!

So, now to lose those 3 pounds that came back and continue with my weight loss and nutritional life style change journey!

Till next time!

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