Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation in Denver

I'm visiting my mom and step dad in Denver. (Well, actually Westminster but close enough). The kids having been having a ball with all the activities that we've been doing with them. So, far we have gone to the North Pole with my brother, Paul, his wife, Tawny and my 2 nephews Mason and Reese.
We've also gone to the Butterfly pavilion, that we do every year so the kids can hold 'Rosie' the tarantula and of course see all the gorgeous butterflies.
Then today we went to the Aquarium where the kids love the sharks and sting rays!

One thing that I was scared of was not being able to stick to my weight loss plan while I was here, but you know something, it's been good!! My mom is so supportive of me losing weight and she will help in anyway that she can! So, since I have been here, we have eaten some great meals of chicken, ahi tuna and done enough walking and swimming for me not to have to go on my 30 minute 1.5 mile walk each day!

I have been on a plateau for just over 2 weeks now. Haven't been able to lose any weight, but I haven't gained any either. I've been at a nice level (20 pounds). Well, after I went down and weighed myself this morning, I found that I am now down 21.2 pounds!!! Woo hoo!! I think my plateau is over! Maybe I won't have another one for 20 more pounds! I can only hope! I know have just 102.8 pounds till I hit my goal!

Till next time!

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