Thursday, August 18, 2011

I have had an amazing week!! I’ve still done my walks every day, but I’ve been able to do them on my moms treadmill! Which means, I can do them anytime of the day that I want to! I’ve been walking with my C25K app. I have dropped the ball and haven’t been using it every week, so I started all over this week and just last night, finished my first week of the app. Hopefully I’ll be able to start week 2 tomorrow!

Yesterday my mom, the kids and I went to the mall. We walk down one side and up the other on both levels. Stopping at all the stores the kids wanted to see and go into and the stores mom and I wanted to see. What mall trip isn’t complete without a trip to the food court? Of course the kids got hungry and we had to stop and eat. Nic had a hot dog and chips at DQ and Ellie wanted a slice of pizza. So, after picking up Nic’s food Ellie, mom and I went to the Italian Kitchen. Ellie got a slice of pizza, mom got a slice of pizza and I had the best Stromboli! Oh, it was so good! One of the best Stromboli's I've had in a long, long time!

Needless to say, I thought I'd be way out of my weight loss program. However, I wasn't hungry for dinner and just snacked a little on some trail mix and had some chai tea we picked up at a little tea shop in the mall. Went on my walk on the treadmill, showered and to bed I went. I woke up this morning and went down to weigh myself and guess what?

I am down 23.8 pounds!!! That means that I am 100.2 pounds to go till I am at my goal weight!!! Woo hoo! 20% there! I can't believe this! After a plateau for over 2 weeks, I've started losing weight again! And I've been able to get clothes here in Denver that are 2X and not 3X because that's what is starting to fit!! How exciting!!! Woo hoo!

So tonight for dinner, I am going to make my bourbon chicken breasts, onion sweet potatoes, and asparagus. All some yummy things!

Till next time!

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