Sunday, October 23, 2011

Buh bye 250's!!!!

I'm super duper excited this morning... Why do you ask? Because I have reached my goal and I know I'm just going to keep on going!

When I started my weight loss journey, one of my longer tern goals was to loss 50 pounds by the time I get married on 11-11. Well, I'm there. As of this morning I am less then a pound away from that goal! My goal was to get to 249! This morning I am 249.8!! I have reached my goal and I have left the 250's! That is such a huge step for me! 50 pounds gone! Not coming back and making me even closer to my final goal! I can't believe how much Paleo (and working out) has paid off. I feel so go about it!

19 days till my wedding, and all I can think about is how much more I can loss till then! :) A few pounds maybe, but I'm just so excited about reaching this goal! When I bought my wedding dress, I purposefully bought it a little snug because I knew that I was going to loss some weight before I was going to wear it and I didn't want to it be so loss it didn't fit anymore. I haven't put it back on, but I know it's going to fit wonderful!! I have lost 8 pounds since I bought it!

I'm going to wait till next week before I try it on again, but I'm so excited to see what it feels like now!

I've been sticking to Charissa's Holiday Accountability Challenge as well. Her challenge to everyone was to stay Paleo (easy!), go to group workouts (I've had a ball!), do 30 minutes of extra cardio everyday (keeping me accountable), drink 8 glasses of water a day (I've been doing this for to long now, it's almost habit), get 8 hours of sleep a day (again easy), and a few other little things. She also challenged her ladies to lose 5 pounds doing this! Well, besides today, there are 5 more days to go and guess what Charissa?!?!?!? I've lost 8 pounds since we started this on 10-3-11!!! The pictures in my wedding dress, were taken the day before the challenge started. This was why I was even more excited about all the goals!

I have also tried some new recipes with our family meals. Chris is quite the hunter and has been out hunting a few times this season now. He has brought home a few geese. So, of course I had to find a new recipe (that's Paleo) to cook the goose in. Well, thanks to, we found a great one that everyone enjoyed. We will be totally using it again. I'll be making that a new blog in it's own!

We'll see where I am in less then a weeks time! I can't wait to see the results! I'm super excited!

Till next time...

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