Thursday, March 29, 2012

21 Day Sugar Detox completed

Good morning!!! I am pleased to report, that I am now officially done with my 21 Day Sugar Detox. It really wasn't all that hard to follow, even if I was on level 3. Level 1 would have been harder for me to follow because that allows the rice and dairy items, which I have cut out so many months ago!!

Within the 3 weeks that I was on the 21 DSD I lost 7.8 pounds and 3.25" in the waist. Not a whole lot of weight for the inches lost if you ask me!! :) I think it's wonderful! This was something that I needed to do to get my body back in sync and re-kick started to lose a little more weight.

I'm getting so close to my goal! If you remember back when I started I said that I wanted to get to 175. Well, I've added to that as well. I feel that with my body structure and height, that size 10 is a good size for me. Well, that's not that far off either! I'm currently at 206 pounds (31 lbs away from my goal) and I am in a solid size 14. I do currently have 2 pairs of pants that are size 12 that fit comfortably! :) I'm also in a size L shirt, which is right were I wanted to be in a shirt as well. Yes, I'm still hung up on weight. It's one of those things that is just so hard to get out of. That's why I added some 'size' goals to it as well. I think if I added some size goals for once I get to 175, then the weight thing won't be as big of an issue as long as I stay in that size 10!

So now that the 21 DSD is over where does that leave me? Still on a Paleo Lifestyle. I'm just able to have my fruit back. Like I have said before, Paleo is my new lifestyle. It will never be anything that I will change. Not only because it has helped me lose weight, but because it has gotten me so healthy. It has made my kids so healthy as well. It's unbelievable! Besides a small little cold here and there, Nic and Ellie have not had to go to the doctor in about a year, except for their routine yearly check up. I haven't been to the doctor for being sick in over a year as well. My belief??? It's because of the food that we are putting into our bodies! I'm not allowing the family to eat 'crap' food like we used to. Yes, they still have dairy... yes, they still have to occasional wheat product. But other then that....

That leads me to my new adventure! I have decided to help contribute to the 'family farm/garden'. My aunt and cousins have had a garden going on for a few years now. IT'S HUGE!!!! (They've always had a farm!) Well, this year, I'm getting my hands dirty and helping out with this garden to get a share of the fresh fruits, veggies and herbs it's going to produce! Kim got everything planted in the starter kits and most of them have started to sprout! Steph and I got the ones that were big enough moved down to the green house. I think it was 5 flats we moved down with about 10-12 more still sprouting up at the house. Then we headed down to Big R to get some transplanting pots and baby chickens!!!
We got 16 of the little girls!!! 8 reds and 8 whites. They are both good for eggs and meat. However with a slight difference. The white females get up to 4.5 pounds and produce 280 eggs a year. The reds get up to 6 lbs and produce 180 eggs a year. Once these little ones get big enough to thrive on their own, we will be releasing them out next to the pond so they can free range and grass feed. My cousin wants 'organic/free range' chicken where I want 'grass fed' chicken... so it will be the best of both worlds! They will be out with the ducks and geese!

What better way to start out my first FULL summer as a Paleo geek having a fresh garden to eat from, grass fed, free range eggs (with meat later in the year) ... I'm so excited about this new journey and new chapter starting in my life! It's going to be just awesome!!

Till next time...

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