Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 1 on the 21 DSD

Today marks the end of week 1 on the 21 DSD. That means only 2 weeks left to go. It really isn't all that long of a time on the sugar detox. And to think this is going to help rid any bad habits of sugar cravings!

In this week, I haven't had any cheats and I've been able to do some sort of workout everyday. Either at the gym or getting out and walking or jogging! Yes, I have started to jog! It feels great to be able to go out and jog. I can do about 15 minutes of jogging right now. With a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down, it gives me about 1.5 miles that I can do! Why jogging? Because my goal is to do the 5K race on Memorial Day weekend here in Moses Lake! I haven't done with race since I was 12, with my dad. I want to do this again, and maybe in the years to come, have my kids do it with me! That would be my ultimate goal. Maybe I can even get my dad to run in it for another year or 2.. :) (Hint hint dad!!)

I am staying pretty stable on the 21 DSD. I am down to 214. Which it seems like I'm at yet another plateau or I'm just losing weight super slow now. I only have 39 pounds to go to reach my final, long term goal. I knew that once I reached my last 50 pounds I would probably have to work harder at it and that seems to be the case. In 7 weeks I have lost 6 pounds. Not as fast as I want it to be, but as long as I'm still going in the right direction, it's OK! I lose a pound and then nothing for a week or two, then lose another pound and nothing. At least I can stay consistent though. :)
On the 21 DSD there is a recipe index with some new 21 DSD approved foods and recipes. This is just one that I have made this past week. It is  chicken in a mustard sauce. Oh boy was it good. We of course had it with green beans with bacon and a nice green salad. I've had fun working with the new recipes and plan on working with some more of them in the next couple of weeks. Even using them beyond the 21 DSD. :)

Till next time...

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