Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A HUGE mile marker has been hit!!! As of this morning I am officially out of the 200's!!! As of this morning I am 198.8 pounds!! This is HUGE!!! I have lost 100.2 pounds in 10 months & 11 days :) I am absolutely amazed at this miraculous milestone! I also just recently had my BMI measured again and I am no longer in the obese category!!! My BMI has now fallen below the 30% marker (technically it's 29.6%), which means by those standards I'm just 'overweight'!!! When I started on this weight loss journey almost a year ago, my BMI was 48%! I'm almost down 19% on my BMI!!! AMAZING!!! I'm also down in measurements! I have a 44" hip, 36.5" waist, & 42" bust. That is just about 24" I have dropped (10" of that is just the waist alone!!!)  in the last 6 months with my measurements. (The actual 6 month mark is May 23rd, so I'll be sure to take measurements then!) I never thought I would or even could come this far! It's been a true journey and adventure and I am still in awe over it! I can't wait to see where it all takes me next.

For those that follow my facebook page, may have seen some new recipes that have been coming up! I am currently working on a collection of these recipes and creating some new ones! Hopefully I will be able to sit down and share them soon! I have had some wonderful ideas and have started writing them down over the last couple of months.. I currently have about 50 of my own recipes I have written!! :) Including some wonderful Mahi Mahi that I made for the family this past Sunday night!

The kids loved it! It isn't that often that I can find a fish that they actually enjoy eating. So far it's only been Salmon and then the fish we catch ourselves, Trout and Walleye! So, for them to go bonkers over the Mahi Mahi and eat every last bit of it with no complaints, well, that's an accomplishment in it's self!!!

Remember about a week ago, I blogged about some great news that was going on? Well, I have awesome new, news #2 in the works and hopefully ready to launch and make public by weeks end!! :) I'm so excited to be able to finally be able to share it with everyone! And even after this news there is going to be more!! (But of course I have to wait on that, too)... So, keep your eyes open and watch for some awesome news this week!!!

Till next time...

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  1. WOW! That's amazing!!! congrats! keep up the good work!