Thursday, May 10, 2012

The next part of my exciting news!!

Here we go! I just launched the next segment of my awesome exciting news! I'm opening a business! Right now it's a meal planning business. I will plan meals for a 2 week period. This will include 25 meals (12 dinners, 8 lunches, 5 breakfast) plus a shopping list. Now, I can also help with going to the grocery store and showing you how to properly shop the store with a list. If I do this with you, I will throw in 2 dessert recipes and snack ideas on your grocery list.

Eventually, I will get into the meal prepping part of this. We can do a 1 week menu with grocery list. You do your grocery shopping and I will prep each meal for you so all you have to do is pull it out of your fridge and throw it all together. :) How easy would that be for a working household! :)

I'm super excited to share with you The Delicious Gala !!! This has been something I've been working on for quite sometime and I'm so ready to get it launched and start working on something I am so passionate about! Thank you everyone who has been totally supportive and behind me 100% with how busy I've been and those that have pushed me to do what I love! :)

Make sure you check out the facebook page and like it! It will give you some more detailed information! The nice thing about meal planning, is you don't have to be in my area for me to help you! We can do everything via email and phone! :) It will be awesome!

The Delicious Gala

Till next time...

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