Saturday, May 19, 2012

Updates!! :)

I had made the promise to do at least 1 blog a week. So, here we go!
I have made a few new milestones!!!! First off, I have officially hit below the 200 mark! I have hit 197.2 pounds! Which in turn means I have also lost over that 100 pounds!! I have lost 102 pounds!! :)

Which also means... for me, my measurements have changed a little bit!  Bust: 41.5", Waist: 36", & Hips: 43.7".. :) and my BMI is down to 29.4%!!! I'm so super excited about all these new numbers!

I'm down to a size 12 for the most part. Of course sizes are different on brand and I never realized how much till now. But I would totally consider myself a size 12 even though I have a couple of 14's in my closet that fit wonderful!

On to another update! I have gone into business for myself and I am doing great!!! I have been going strong with The Delicious Gala. Gaining new clients and just having a blast helping people learn to meal/menu plan and shop! It's been a real eye opener knowing how many people out there don't know how to plan their weekly meal's and shop for them. I'm so glad I can help them do this!

I've been super busy lately! With The Delicious Gala, the kids' school, boys in baseball, boys in football, Ellie in dance and also in drill camp, it's been crazy!!! But, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Till next time...

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