Sunday, January 13, 2013

Little miss Ellie

Several things going on in the last week, but the most important event happening was Ellie's debut dance performance. This was the first one for her to do this year and she w nervous and excited about it! She did fantastic. She was totally into her performance and seemed to have just a blast doing it! She will have 2 more performances in the next couple of weeks then she will be gearing up for her performance at spring fest and of course their recital which this year is 2 days worth! Can't wait for all that!

Other news.... Business is going great! Have a few new clients and I'm really enjoying meeting with them and discussing food and healthy eating with them all! I am also involved with a community health challenge in Moses Lake that about 40 people have joined in efforts to lose weight and eat healthy. I've had several phone calls and a few consultations from it. First weigh in is Monday. S we will see how everyone has done for the first week. The challenge this week was hydration. The person who drank the most water this past week will get a free shopping trip with me. That should be a ton of fun! :)

Business expo is Tuesday evening and I'm totally stoked about that! Can't wait to introduce myself to so many people coming through the doors and explaining my cause and what I do. I'm hoping to gain a few more clients with that. I have some great cards and coupons to give out and a drawing for a chance to win a free meal plan with 2 hours of prep time! I have a gorgeous vertical banner to display as well! Super exciting!

Till next time.

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