Sunday, January 6, 2013

New recipe

So I have been testing out new recipes on the family and on friends as well. I love having the variety of feed back on my new recipes. It helps me make adjustments where they need to be. Last night I tried a new one out for some out of town friends that came over and it was a hit. I made a coconut mango chicken crockpot meal. I have a few little tweaks to make to it before it will be a recipe to share.

I'm trying to find a good app for my iPad to load my personal recipes on in a simple manner. I have one that I'm using right now and I like it, but I want to see if anyone else may use one that they really like. :)

Not to much going on at this point in time. I do have a new client that I am so excited about to work with. I have my consistent and continued clients that I love working with too. I have a lot of things coming up in the next couple of months that I am super excited about. 1 is the community weight loss challenge that starts tomorrow and will run for 6 weeks. I also have the business expo coming up and several network and community meetings over the next month I have been invited to attend. Looking forward to exploring all my business options and different ways to get my business out there and recognized by the community! :)

Till next time!!

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