Thursday, January 17, 2013

My life as of today... :D

This blog is totally off the normal beaten path... Maybe..... I just wanted to get it down in words since I'm sitting here thinking about it....

I truly love my life!! Completely, totally, unconditionally!!! No joke!!! I love my life!!!

My wonderful family first!

My husband whom I have only been married to for a little over a year, but I've been with for over 4 years now. He is truly my friend, companion, cheerleader, supporter and anything else you want to classify him as. We may have our typical disagreements and 'discussion' that all married people have but he is always right behind me supporting me in anything I want to do. He gives me pointers from perspective other people may not have, and he doesn't get mad if I shoot one down. He is truly amazing!

My children.... All 4 of them! With them, I don't think I would know the love that I feel for that word 'family'. Of course my son, Nic, is just a little love bug! I will always see him as my baby and I will always want him to be mama's boy and hope he never ever out grows that fact at almost 11 he still wants to sit in my lap and hug me! And Ellie, the love a mom has for her daughter is absolutely amazing! She may irritate me and push my buttons (like I always did to my mom and dad) but she has made me learn patients (and breathing control)! She is my little girl and the light in my eyes. Aaron and Wyatt my not be biologically mine, but since Chris has brought them in my life, I couldn't imagine life without them. They have the most genuine attitudes. Aaron is not afraid to show his emotions and tell you what is wrong! Wyatt is so compassionate and has a love for anyone and everyone round him!

My parents..... My mom has been and always will be my friend! She will listen to me and tell me exactly what she thinks and lets me know just how she thinks something should be done. She has always been there to support and encourage me with anything I wanted to do as a child and as an adult. She compiles ideas with me, lets me use her as a sounding board, throws out suggestions and let's me know just how she would do it if she were in my shoes! I love her for that!

My dad is that man that everyone wants in their life. To give advice, listen to (and lecture). But doesn't get offended if the advice he gives isn't taken (although followed most of the time). Loves a good debate and will almost always take the devils advocate side just to be sure I have done my thinking or research when it comes to a topic..... And has changed my mind a few times doing that!! :) has a great sense of business therefor can answer questions about small business start up and give me answers in terms I will understand.

I love them both for so many of the same reasons and so many different ones, too!

My BFF Metzi, the one friend I have kept Close(yes pun intended) for so many years. I have many friends that I have had longer, but she is the one that has been right there for the last 10+ years, almost every day, in and out, good times and bad. We may have our arguments and disagreements (what friends don't?) At times not see eye to eye but, all in all we will both always come back around. When it comes to that friend that you can tell anything to and not worry bout anyone else finding it, she is that friend! Se loves my family just like her own and I with hers as well. She is the one person that I see as my friend for life. :)

I love having my new business. I love being able to help people. I love all the support I have around me. I love being involved with my kids' school and all the cool new things I'm doing it he community as a volunteer and a small business owner. I can oneself say I have never been in a happier place in my life!

Till next time... :)

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