Sunday, January 23, 2011

A day of fishing.

Chris and I decided that this was a good day for fishing. So, this morning at about 930 we loaded up and head out to Chris's little fishing hole that he knows. Now, this isn't just a normal little fishing hole, it's like a creek between corn fields.
With a ton of cows around the area. We went down to the place that I caught the big one at a couple of weeks ago. Figured that would be a good place to start out. We got nothing. So, we went up the creek bed a little ways. We ended up stopping about about 5 different holes along the 2 miles of creek bed. We had quite a few bites, and ended up being able to keep 5 between the 2 of us. I have to brag, I caught 4 and he caught 1. I keep telling him it's because of the hot pink fishing pole that I use. The fish just seem to like it more then his.

We had a good time. Now, we are back home, he's cleaned all the fish out, and now he is testing out his new 'cure' for fish eggs. He's going to see if he can use them as bait later on. So, now we have 6 fish in the freezer. I think sometime this next week I'll be making some fish for dinner. Once we got home and we were unloading the truck, I took a good look at the truck and noticed how dirty it was. I was noticing all the mud flinging up onto the truck, but didn't realize it was that bad! Chris was so excited the truck was so muddy!! It was great!!
Now, to decide what we are going to do tonight for dinner. The kids are still at their dads. They'll be back within a couple of hours. We were invited over to our friends Candy and Ethan for tacos. We may do that, we may just stay home. We'll be deciding with in the next hour or so. 


  1. Sheryl I got to thinking why you are catching the fish and Chris isn't. If you are keeping track you have out caught the fish this season and the season still has until March,then the new season beings. Anyway its because you have beginners luck and the fishing pole,this is your first season of fishing so the fish like you one because you are a girl and nicer then Chris and two because of the pink pole. Chris on the other hand I can't help him there other then what Kevin said he is going to do for Chris and that is buy him a HOT HOT PINK pole and the reel and fishing line will be the same color.

  2. Fun day for guys make a great couple!