Saturday, January 22, 2011


I had a great day today! Got up and made my coffee, and sat down at my computer to check my emails and to see what my friends and family where doing on facebook. Chris got up (and that's when I got that great picture of him and Pooh). Chris and I just relaxed and visited and had great conversations this morning about everything that is going on, and what are plans are for tomorrow, (which of course is to go fishing!!). I had offers to do quite a few things today with friends, so now it was time to choose what I was going to do for the afternoon and evening.

Chris was getting ready to head out the door, and I decided to go over to Candy's to help Amanda color Candy's hair. I stop and get my Starbucks, and head over. Once there I have Candy get her coloring stuff out and get it mixed, and get her ready to have died hair. Then I find out that Amanda was so hoping I was coming over there, because, she had never died anyones hair before and she really didn't know how to do it. :) This made me chuckle at her and of course, let her get out of it too. (Hehehehe). So, I got Candy's hair colored with both the boxes she got for her hair. Now mind you, Candy has A LOT of hair!!! She's lucky I was able to get both boxes to work. I told her next time she needed to make sure that she got 3 boxes!! I worked out and now Candy has her gray hair covered and has a pretty dark auburn brown hair.

After I was done there, I headed over to Missy's house. Missy was making Corn Chowder for dinner. She has been over to my house with her kids several times, and now it's my turn to head over to her house when I can. Tonight was the night I decided Missy could feed me :)!!! Only because Corn Chowder sounded so good for tonight! I told her after dinner, that she needed to make sure that she posts the recipe for me so that way I had access to it. It was good!!! It was her moms recipe and something that she ate growing up. I can see why she wanted to keep making it! So, Missy!!! I better see that recipe up soon!!!

Now, I'm home, in my pajama's, watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay. (Food Network is the bomb!) I'm just relaxing. I'm going to curl up with a glass of wine and see what there is to watch. i may just have to catch up on my tv shows. I still have CSI and Medium to watch from this week. Hope everyone has had a fantastic and funfilled day!!

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