Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a Day

Surely it was a busy day with a little bit of down time. It also started for me, with waking up 4 times between 3am till 510am. You see, I had my alarm set to go off at 530 so I could go out to my dad and Mary's house so I could go and feed the horses. When ever I set my alarm for earlier then what it normally is set for, I always end up waking up a few times with that panick feeling, thinking that I have slept through the alarm. Which I have never done, so I don't know why I do that. I was out and feeding horses at 6 and back home. When I got back home Ellie was already awake. So, I let her curl up on the couch and watch a cartoon before I turned the tv off, because it was time to get ready for school.

You see the kids arent' allowed to have the tv on in the morning because they have let it get the best of them. Nic will play his video games and keeps telling me, just a minute, or almost done. So, I have told them, that there is no more tv turned on in the morning. Period!

Kids got ready for school, and I got them off to school, left a little note for the principal to call to discuss an issue (which I will get too in just a moment), and then headed out to undo the gate for the horses. Then it was back home. Chris was just getting up and getting comfy in his chair when Candy called and invited us out to brunch. Just her way of saying thank you for me taking care of Gage when she has to work. Which works for me. So, Chris and I headed up to Bob's for some brunch type of food. Met Candy up there, Candy's mom Ginny joined us for her lunch break, and we all just sat and talked and BS'd for awhile. After we were done there we head back.

Chris and I had to stop to get gas for the truck. That's when I got my phone call back from the principal up at the school. I explained to her that Nic had told me the night before that one of his classmates told him, he didn't like school and has was going to blow up the school with a missle launcher. He also said he is was going to kill all the fat girls and shoot all the teachers. This was something that I felt like I needed to address and talk to someone at the school. Well, that was the right disission. They pulled Nic out of class and talked with him (the principal and counsoler). I got a call back from the principal and she let me know that the situation was being looked into and will be taken care of. She then thanked me a few times for letting her know about this.

We got home, Chris got up to take his shower. Candy stopped by to hang out for a bit with her son before she had to head back home. This was my little bit of down time. Got Chris off to work, Candy had to run into her work for a minute, she left Gage here, who didn't say a word while she was gone, and I got some peace and quite. Candy came back, we BS'd some more, and she was off to pick up her other son. I at this point in time headed out to feed horses again. Went out did that, and came home. Charles had decided he wanted to take the kids for a couple hours, plus he would feed them dinner, so I had nothing to do till 6 when I had to go and open the gate for the horses. It was great!!!

The kids are now home. They have about 20 more minutes before bed time, and they are letting off steam still. They were obviously wound up pretty tight from school or something, because they have a ton of energy. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more eventful. I know I'll probably get a recipe up. I pulled out pork chops for tonight, but didn't have to make them because the kids where with their dad. But tomorrow I get Chris's boys. So, I will have all 4 kids tomorrow and want to make something with the pork chops. Just not sure what as of yet, but I know that I will figure it out tomorrow. I have 1 more day of feeding the horses and letting them out and then dad will be back home and I won't have to go out there and do it.

Well, that is all for now. Hope everyone had a fantastic day!!!

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