Sunday, September 25, 2011

90 Days... (and 4 weeks)

90 days of the "diet". That's how long it will be come tomorrow morning. 90 Days. I started my journey because I just couldn't handle my weight anymore. I got up to 299 pounds and I freaked out. Everything started going through my head about my weight and what it was going to do to me in the long run and was I going to be around for my kids, or eventually my grandkids, when I get older if I continued down the 'weight' path I was going.

So, on June 27th, 2011, I emailed the one person I knew would put me on the right path. Charissa. She started me out small and moved me a little further about every 2 weeks. (You can see that with previous blogs). Well, doing something small every 2 weeks was the way to go! It's what I needed and it's what has worked for me.

Here I am (with my fiance, Chris) 90 days out! That is 39 pounds lighter then when I started. I would have never wanted a full picture taken of me, but it doesn't bother me any more, because I can see the difference in my body, clothes, energy level and just all around. I can take my kids out and run around. I'm not afraid to go for a long walk. I'll walk with the kids up to the school, just like they have been doing for the last year!

I've been completely, full on, Paleo for 4 weeks now. I feel great and it has gotten so easy to eat and prepare foods. I don't even have to think about it anymore. It's just like second nature. Which to me, means that I am going to be able to do this for the rest of my life and that is exactly what I need. I never want to go back to where I was 3 months ago! I know what I can have, I know what I can't. I know when I can and should say yes or no to things.

Now, don't get me wrong. I still have a LONG journey ahead of me. I've just made a dent in what my long term goals are! I am currently at 260 and I want to get to at least 175! Although, with the progress I'm making, I'm contimplaiting changing my goal number to more like 160-165. But, I'm going to stay with the 175 and once I get there, I'll make up my mind. :) So, as you can see, I still have 85 pounds to go to reach my goal. But, with what I have done already, I know that I can accomplish this! I know, it's going to happen and take time. But, I know now that I am going to be around for a very long time for Chris and for our kids!
Till next time!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Only because I'm feeling good!

My niece had her wedding reception on Friday night and Chris and I went to wish the couple well! We had so much fun. I was in a new outfit and feeling so good about myself! I had my hair down and makeup on. I felt pretty, confident and ready to conquer the world! I walked in and Brie didn't recognize me right away. Not only that, but I purposely bumped into my dad and he says 'excuse me' very politely. As I stared at him for almost 10 seconds before he says "Oh, my god, Sheryl!" He said he didn't even recognize me and asked where all my hair came from! With my hair down and makeup on and apparently 36 pounds gone, he could have looked right passed me without knowing it was me.  So, with that, I decided to put up a couple pictures today, because I'm feeling pretty good about myself :)
Here's a picture taken a few months ago of my daughter, Ellie and I. We were playing around and she wanted a picture with mommy, so I took one. Never posted it anywhere because my face looked so big and red, because of the Roscia that I have. Never felt really good about myself.

Here's what I looked like Friday night! You can see the difference 36 pounds has done to my face. I'm starting to get definition in my cheeks and jaw line. I feel awesome! People all over are starting to notice!

Had to have a little picture taken of Chris and I after the reception. We went and had some sushi since we hadn't been out to eat it what seems like eons! So, it was a great night all around and we had a ton of fun! It was a night that just made me feel so much better about myself!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday morning

Today is the last day of my 2 weeks of Paleo. It's been great! Only used a couple of points over the last 2 weeks. I've been so good and not wanting to go off, because I am wanting to lose the weight and I'm succeeding at it!

Today is 9-11. A lot of things going through my mind. The thought of what happened 10 years ago and where I was and what I was doing. Also thinking about my dad and step mom since its their 12th wedding anniversary. In 2 months from today, I will be getting married. Those are my 3 main focuses today. :)

My goal is to be at least 249 that day. That would be a lose of 50 pounds! I'm almost certain I can do it! This morning I am 264. I'm down 35 pounds. It just seems like it's just falling off! I've decided I'm going to the gym mon-fri after the kids get off to school. I went Thursday and Friday and did my little cycle of work out. It's been hard, but I've stuck to it. I'm walking the kids to school in the morning, which is 1 mile round trip. Then at the gym I'm doing a brisk walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, which is giving me about 1.5 miles. Then I have been on the elliptical for 7 minutes and the cycle for 15 minutes. It's been a great workout! I'm ready to start my week again tomorrow!

I think the workout is helping a little more to lose weight. Of course that's what your aways told is to exercise to lose weight. Well, losing weight on Paleo and then add a workout on top of that. I think that's just doubling the whole thing. Once that workout does me good, then I'll up it to some more time and maybe add another thing in. We'll see what happens.

Cooking and eating have been going well, just sticking to the Paleo basics and not having a problem doing it. It's more have a habit now to grab a handful of grapes, nuts or seeds then going for chips or ice cream. I'm reading more of labels and seeing what is in the things I would have normally ate and don't as much now.

Till next time!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Let's just jump in further!

Holy cow! I said this has been a wild ride and I wasn't kidding. It's been wild and fantastic. I'm almost 2 weeks into Paleo and I'm feeling good, eating well and losing weight! As of this morning I am down 32.4 pounds... That puts me at 266.6!!! I haven't seen these weight numbers in I don't know how long! I feel amazing!

Now, why have I jumped even further? Well, this morning, I joined the South Campus Athletic Club! OMG! I haven't had a gym membership since I was 19 and that didn't last very long. But, I am bond and determined to have this one last a little longer :) It is inexpensive each month, I have unlimited access to all the equipment, racket ball courts and they offer 25 group classes a week. Anywhere from Zumba, Pilate's, Yoga, Core, strengthening, and conditioning. It's going to be a fantastic time. Plus somewhere I can go during the winter when it gets cold outside.

I've been eating great and not having any problems cooking extra food for Chris and the kids. They like their breads and 'startchy' foods and I still do that for them. Of course they love dessert time too. So, I've had to do all that for them still, but you know what? It's been easier then I thought it would be. Maybe it's just because I have more discipline now about food. I don't try and just sneak 'one little bite' out of the cupcake of a biscuit. I've done great!

Can't wait to see where I'm going to be come wedding day!! 11-11-11! I'm hoping to be under 250. I think I'm going to be making that goal and then some but we'll see :) Only 16.6 pounds to go till that goals, then I'll be able to set another one! :)

Till next time!

Monday, September 5, 2011

My weekend

What a wonderful weekend. Although Chris and I didn't do a whole lot. We had fun! What was the most fun part of it? Going to the tri-cities with his mom on Sunday. Oh, what fun we had. Memories made and talks we all had!

Why was it such a memory day? Because Chris and I found my wedding ring! Oh my god! Is it beautiful!
GORGEOUS!!!! It's got 9 diamonds to make the 1 karat square 'princess' style! They are so brilliant! Then on each side there are 9 diamonds that are channel set into the band to make another 1/2 karat worth of diamonds.

All of this is sitting in a 10K white gold setting! Oh I'm so excited and can't wait. It's been sent out for sizing and to make sure it's all sparkly and everything for our big day! Took us a almost 2 hours to search and look and finally come down to this one. It's so exciting and makes this seem all so real now. We've been talking about getting married for awhile now, but didn't sit down and decide on a date until just recently and now that we got the ring, well, I think that makes it all real for both of us.

So, while we were out and about, we decide to have lunch. How often do we get out of town? Not often at all. So, of course we decided that we needed to have lunch. I was so worried about sticking on my Paleo that I was worried I wouldn't be able to find anything to eat on a menu. You know what? Charissa explained to me about points every day, so, I decided I could burn a few points to have an awesome lunch. We went to red lobster. Scallops in bacon, shrimp, steamed broccoli... Wait that sounds Paleo doesn't it? Yes... it is paleo, OK, without the sauce on it, it would have been... So, 1 point for the sauce... Couldn't resist going to Red Lobster and not having their Cheddar biscuit! 1 point for those! I drank iced tea with lunch. The only other things, was I had a few of their onion rings. So, 1 more point for those. The thing was, we ate lunch so late in the afternoon (2pm) that when dinner came around we weren't hungry. I had a small salad for dinner and that's it.

Well, once we got back from the tri-cities, Chris and I sat around and played a few video games, but we decided to have a little date night. We went out to the Saucy Hog for me to do a little singing. Oh, what fun it was. Seeing some people I haven't seen in quite some time. Got up there and sang my heart out. Saw some friends I haven't seen in a long time. I think it's been about a year since we have gone out. Let me tell you something though. My weight and long hair were the 1st things that they all noticed! It felt wonderful to have everyone notice that and say how good I was looking. It's taken 30 pounds for people to notice and it was worth. Now, just wait until next time they see me and I have even more weight off! :)

It order for me to feel good about having Red Lobster for lunch and losing 3 points... and also having the 2 ultra light beers at karaoke (I lost 5 points for the day) I had to do some dancing. With the songs that my friends were singing... it wasn't hard getting out there and doing some dancing and burning some of that food and drinks off! I felt great!

And to think this morning after burning points yesterday, I'm at 268.2!!! That's down 30.8 pounds! Here I go.. going toward the 40 pound off mark and working my way toward the 250's! It's been 1 week ago today that I started on my Paleo Lifestyle full force, and it's been a ride and journey. I can't wait to see where I go!

Till next time

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What a wild ride so far!

Holy cow I never thought I would see the day that I was back in the 60's!! But this morning I did! 269!! That means I am down exactly 30 pounds!!! Woo hoo!

I'm on day 6 of being full Paleo. Let me tell you how great I feel! I've been making all sorts of different meals. Been walking the kids to school and loving to eat! This has not been as hard as I thought it was going to be. Now, don't get me wrong. I miss having my ice cream bar every night like I used to. Or going up to DQ and getting my chocolate cookie dough blizzard. But, it's going to be all worth it in the end when I get to my dream weight. Then I can have those on a special occasion! I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in who knows how long, clothes that I have forgotten about in the closet. It's been a great feeling.

 Like I was saying, I have been making all sorts of meals and having so much fun with it. Learning new dressings to put in my salads and different ways to combine foods to make them good and tasty and just fun to eat. Also, make a meal that makes me full. I'm not missing my carbs and starches at all!

This meal was a green salad with all sorts of veggies in it, asparagus and chicken breast with herb seasonings on it. Then I made this balsamic, agave and dry mustard dressing, with herbs and things in it and it was great! I've never liked vinaigrette's, but learning to make my own, and adding what I like in it, it's been great!

And those fritatta's that I made the other day (the recipe is on a previous blog) were to die for! They were so yummy and even Ellie was eating them!
This was the final out come! But just going through the process and smelling the veggies cooking smelt so good in my house.

Sweet potatoes, onion and different color peppers! It made my house smell so good! I love that smell in my house. Makes people love to come over and want to eat here. Makes the kids and Chris want to know whats for dinner.

It's been a wonderful journey so far and can't wait to get further in my ride! I'm getting closer and closer to my ultimate goal, but I'm also getting to each one of my benchmarks so quickly and that's what is so much fun! So, I have 94 pounds to go! I'm in the 260's now, so my next goal is to get into the 50's. I know I can do this. I've been at it for just over 2 months and I CAN and WILL keep going! You know that when I reach my goal weight, I'll have my 20 year reunion right around the corner and that's what I'm looking forward too!

Till next time!