Sunday, April 14, 2013

All sorts of new things on the horizon

I know I haven't been good about blogging and I'm sorry for th st. I need to sit down and make it a priority at least once a week!

So many things that have been going on lately. I've had some great new clients hire me and I've been doing lots of meal planning, a little bit of prepping and I also was able to work with a local restaurant in town to creat some new healthy options for their menu. That was fantastic!

Last night my husband and I along with a group of friends and family went down to papa's casino, restaurant and lounge and had a great meal. Almost everyone ordered something new off the menu! I of course got my awesome salad! (Pear and walnut) along with a balsamic vinegrette I created for Papa's. everyone that ordered the new items, LOVED THEM!!! So gratifying!

I have been recently approach by another restaurant here in town to help them with their menu. Wanting some more meals that are more 'women friendly' so I will hopefully start creating for them!

In the mean time I have been doing a lot of creating here at home! Trying new things, making new dishes, etc. I have started to get Bountiful Baskets, which is a co-op run fresh produce program. They are delivered every Saturday for $15. And there is A LOT of produce in the basket for that amount! Some produce that I have never tried before and don't typically buy, but in turn it has become a wonderful thing, because it gets me into a creative mood! A few weeks ago I got bok choy which we have never used so I found a great recipe and made it and we loved it! Today I am going to experiment with a cabbage roll casserole. Totally 100% paleo and super excited to get it going! But I need to head to the store to get 1 thing!

So, with that being said...... Till next time!

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