Monday, January 16, 2012

Dinner on a Monday night.

Things are going great! Still strong on Paleo and doing fantastic. I'm down to 227!! I'm well into my 20's now! Down 72 pounds! I love to cook (if you haven't noticed as of yet) and the one thing that I am trying to do is come up with new and inventive ways to make things within my Paleo world. Now, I know there are plenty of recipes out there, but there are times that I don't like to go searching for a new recipe and just want to improvise. So, that is what I did tonight!

I wanted some good down fried chicken. :) Of course, with being on Paleo, I haven't been able to have that. So, tonight I decided to put some coconut oil in my pan, crusted it up with some almond flour and bam!!! There you go! Some great almond fried chicken. :)

Then along with that I had to put some greens. My daughter LOVES asparagus. That is what she asked for, so that was one of the side dishes we had. I do make a hallondaise to go along with that for everyone else in the house that likes it.
Of course the we have to have something else. So, I had to ask one of the other kids what they wanted. Well, my oldest stepson, Aaron LOVES peppers & sweet onions. So, I cute up some red and green bell peppers, red onion and mushrooms (my husbands favorite) and sauteed those up in some coconut oil and garlic! They were wonderful!
 Of course, we always have a great veggie salad to go along with dinner and that didn't change tonight. I made my great veggie salad, that all 4 of the kids eat up without any problem what-so-ever!

Down 72 pounds! I can't get over that. And I'm eating foods that are awesome and good and flavorful! I've been able to slip into 2 of my size 14 pants! It's been fabulous! I have 52 pounds left to get to my goal!! It's been great so far and I know it will continue to be!

Till next time...

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