Monday, January 23, 2012

I've been published!!!

That's some pretty exciting news!!! Granted it was just a quote from my email I send to People magazine, but still they published a quote out of it! For those that are interested, this was the FULL email that I sent to them!

It is not only inspiring, but motivational to read these stories and see these pictures of the men and women that have lost half their weight! It helps people like me to stay on track of my own weight loss journey! It gives me that inspiration to know that I can still keep it off 2, 5 or even 10 years later! I started out obese (299 lbs) and just like the others realized I needed to change something. I also used No surgery or gimmicks (I've gone Paleo) and I've had real success in losing 70 lbs so far. I hope within a year, I to will be half my size! Thank you for the inspiring and motivational article.

This is what was printed:

It is so exciting to know that they actually took the time to read my email, and then actually decided that it was 'good' enough to take a quote from it to publish in their magazine. I keep thinking about just how many letters does 'People' magazine get? Thousands upon thousands!! And they pick mine!! Awesome way to start my week out!!!

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