Tuesday, December 27, 2011

6 months ago

6 months ago today, I decided to make a HUGE life change. I finally decided it was time to lose weight and it had to be for good! Not one of these quick weight loss thing. I talked to a very good friend of mine, Charissa, and she sent me down the path that would be changing my life forever. See Charissa has known me for years and she knew exactly how to get me started. Slow and easy and work up in steps, so that is what we did!

I had stepped on the scale after months and months and saw an unbelievable number I never thought I would ever see and never thought I could ever weigh!! I saw 299. That was almost 300!!! Holy cow, I thought! I'm fat! I can't be like this and be here for my kids their whole life. I was scared! My kids are everything to me and I have to be there for them their whole life!! I want to see them grow, graduate, get married, have kids, and all that over again with their kids. If I continued down this road and keep gaining weight, there would be no way I would be here for any of that.

So, I started walking. I started on an app called Couch to 5K, but instead of running I was to walk briskly when it said run. I would walk normal, then pick up the pace. I'm not going to lie, it was hard! Not the walking, but walking briskly was. It was hurting in my calves. I also started that day, by cutting everything I drank down to ONLY water, black or green UNSWEETENED teas and black coffee. That was it! Nothing else! The first few days was extremely hard, but I was determined, and knew this is what I needed to do!

I set my goals for long term and short inter minted goals as well. My long term goal is to get to 175. That was 124 pounds to lose. Holy cow, that's a lot! That's like both my kids put together plus some! But, I was (still am) determined to do it! My first little goal was to get out of that 100 range and get down to only having 99 pounds to lose. Then it was 50 pounds for my wedding, then to get to my half way point. Today, my short term goal is to get out of the 200's all together and there is only 34 pounds to go for that to happen!! After losing 65 pounds, that seems like nothing!!

Today, 6 months later, I am  full on Paleo. Over the last month and a half, it's been slow because of getting married, honeymoon and holidays, but I've still managed to lose 8 pounds and stick to my  Paleo lifestyle as much as I can where I can! :) Once the new year is over with, I can jump back in full force and lose this last 59 pounds!!! :)

59 pounds, that's it! That seems like such a small number considering I started at needing to lose 124! Wow!
299 6 months ago, today I'm 234!
124 pounds to lose 6 months ago, toady 59 pounds to lose!
Size 24 6 months ago, today size 16!

Till next time!