Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm still going.... :)

It's been slow this last month. Because of the holidays, wedding, cookie exchanges, etc there hasn't been a whole lot of weight loss. But I can say, I'm still slowing going down. I'm still in the 30's. I'm at 238 and that makes a 61 pound weight loss. That means 63 more pounds to my goal. That feels so good to say!!
I'm sure it's going to continue to be slow throughout the month of December, but I'm still going to be eating paleo and working out.

On another note, I've currently been working on a committee here in town called 'Citizens for Progress in Education'. We are working on getting a new levy and bond passed to build new schools and help stop the over crowding that is currently happening in our school system. I've been asked to help out at a Business Expo next month to get our information out and also been asked to be on the radio with 3 other committee members. I'm super excited, because this is just another level of feeling good about myself. I've always loved talking to people, especially about causes that I believe in. I just feel more comfortable now a days with the additional weight loss. :)

We will be having a web page built within the next week or two to help promote the word of the new levy and bond. I will surely post a link on my blog for it.

Till next time....

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