Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 12th, 2014

My hubby is sick! Throwing up sick... I hate when he's sick because he's such a baby about it. And for some reason, he never knows why he's sick, why he's throwing up, or way he hurts. It's like he doesn know his body or how it feels and that drives me crazy!! When I get sick, I can usually tell you. It's because I have the flu, a cold, I ate something bad, etc. not him!!

Going to go on with my day and go to work because I can't be around him like this! Having my coffee this morning!

Some pistachios for snack. Not to hungry for lunch but have been snacking on raisins. :) more water.

Dinner was a little bit of chicken and 3 bacon wrapped asparagus ... Yumm!!! Still not hungry!

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