Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17th, 2014

I've been so tired the last few days. I know last week just killed my progress for a few days, but it seems like maybe I'm back on schedule. We did lose one of our kitty's this morning which has put a damper on emotions right now. But, I'm not feeling bad today. My throat feels almost back to normal. I have also made a lot of soups this weekend. More tomato, carrot soup and chicken sups. Lots of soups on the fridge which is good. :) 

Having my morning coffee then heading out to get some things don't for today.

Lots of grapes and some raisins with macadamia nuts for lunch along with a little bit of steak.

Had some cabbage with bacon and onions for dinner".. Getting ready to go to kickboxing. :)

3 cuties in the evening.

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