Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1st, 2014

Here we go! Starting a new month out! I'm ready! Didn't gain a pound after last nights great treat/cheat! :) I'm excited about that, but I'm back to the grind of all that I can do to get this weight off. I think my treat/chest is going to be valentines day this month!

Morning coffee is in hand. 

Went to the local health food store and found some chia seed pudding.. Chia seeds, banana and coconut milk. Had to get it and try it... Not to bad! :) that was my snack! :)

I did pretty good tonight with dinner! Nic choose where we ate. Rock Top Grilli s where we went. So of course he gets his fish and chips. I wanted a hot dinner and not a cold salad. So I had them do their California chicken burger minus the bun and the cheese and instead of steak fries, grilled veggies. It was good! I did have a glass of red wine with dinner and also snuck a couple of Nic's fries when he was finished eating! All in all a good night, lots of walking in heels and standing for pictures and that kind of thing. My feet hurt but I'll live! I avoided the root ever floats they had to munch on and the kettle and candied corn they were offering as refreshments. Stuck to my bottle of water.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl and we are headed over to a friends house for the festivities. I have decided to bring along a platter of fruits. And veggies and a salmon to have smoked. I think I will be able to stick to some good clean eating while there. :)

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