Friday, February 14, 2014

February 14th, 2014

Oh the dreaded day of chocolates! It's that kind of day where everything is thrown out the window in the world of clean eating, dieting and all that stuff... I have my battle bag ready to go with oranges, homemade soup, and bacon wrapped asparagus. 

Working on my coffee this morning and have a plate full of cookies  in front of me that my daughter made for her class. But I haven't touch one of them! :) Yay Mom!! :) 

The hubby is taking me to dinner tonight at one of our favorite resteraunts. I'm going to try and be as good as I can there and order my food as healthy and paleo as possible! Shouldn't be to hard since they do everything from start to finish! :)

Hope everyone has a fulfilled day and if you are on that dieting/weight loss journey, I hope today doesn't set you to far back!! :)

Strawberries for snack. :) and I've had several cookies! PB with a Hershey kiss on top... Yumm!!!! ;) I am drinking a ton of water though! :)

Had some chicken soup and a couple bacon wrapped asparagus for lunch.

Dinner time was awesome. Had some ceviche for an appetizer and a dun genesis stuffed salmon! It was fabulous! Had to order some strawberry shortcake for dessert since it was valentines day! And of course we had some awesome Boardoe with it!

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