Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 8th, 2014

Having my morning coffee... We are heading to the tri cities today to do some shopping! I'm excited because we got our tax return and need to do a little shopping! :) must figure out what to eat before we leave though!

Had my banana for breakfast!

Heading to tri cities, stopped off at Starbucks and got a black coffee.. Decided today I wanted a little bit of full cream in it so I dashed it in there. Tastes good and nice little treat! :)

Of course splurged with Aztecs Mexican restaurant!!! Pollo fundido!!! Amazing!! And a marguarita! ;) need to take it easy with dinner!

The lunch I had made me so full I didn't even feel like eating dinner! Mayb that will be a pluso n the morning for me! But mad, I still feel stuffed!

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