Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31st, 2014

Here it is. Last day of the month. I am down 14.8 pounds for this month! Not to shabby! I am going out tonight with the hubby and his folks for dinner and drinks. So I'm totally going to splurge after a month of not doing any splurging. But I'm still going to go on with the rest of the day as being good! Tonight the dinner is an oriental buffet! ;) gonna enjoy it! :)

Coffee so far and I know I see one of those bananas coming to work with me and being consumed before long! 

Snack time was a kiwi and a juicy pear!!

Lunch time I had an orange and a little bit of steak

I said that dinner was going to be totally it of the ball park. It was an oriental buffet. I loaded 1/2 my plate with the spinach salad they had with just a little pit of dressing. A small scoop of rice, beef with broccoli and then they had chicken with all sort so of veggies as well. And I did cave and eat a dinner roll they had with it. It was awesome! Along with dinner.... A bottle of wine... Yup a bottle... Nice red and yummy!!! 

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