Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 19th, 2014

Almost 3 weeks into this challenge and I think I'm doing good. I feel like I'm so close to reaching my goals. I want to reach them quick but I. Know I need to take time. I'm only 19 days into this and I'm already down 14 pounds. That's ok, but it's better to lose only 12-15 a month. However this starting month was shedding a little of the wheat and grains that I had been eating. Along with the alcohol I had been drinking over the holidays.  

Made soup butternut squash soup yesterday for the week. Need to make up a huge salad to eat for the first couple of days of this week. (I make at least 3 salads through the week to go for lunches and with dinners)

Of course this morning I have my coffee in hand, waking up!  Had a small bowl of scrambled eggs with onions and hamburger.

Hubby and I got out of town for a few hours today and went to the sportsman show in tri cities. Of course with that, I always have to stop at the mercantile stand. Picked up some awesome pears for the house, a huge orange because I was hungry and a jar of pickled garlic! Can't wait to use it in cooking. Couldn't resist the free sample of peanut butter cup they had and a dark chocolate covered pretzel stick. My minor treat but that's ok! Back on the road heading home! Need to figure out dinner!

Had to have myself a gluten free hard apple cidar for the Seahawk game! Dinner is in the pressure cooker. We are having boneless beef ribs with a cherry/bourbon sauce, a mango salsa and Ellie is making a gorgeous tossed salad. She has become so good working in the kitchen and slicing fruits and veggies!

I had 3 mango salsa wrapped with butter lettuce, a boneless spare rib and tossed green salad. Drinking up my water! :)

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