Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20th, 2014

Here we go into another week. I feel amazing! Ready to take on this day! Having my coffee this morning, going to make some breakfast here shortly, then it's off to donate blood and pick up my hubby's sons for the day. Think I might be doing some chicken tonight. That sounds good! And totally having some more of that mango salsa wrapped in the butter lettuce. That was fantastic! :)

I had 3 mango salsa wraps, 2 sweet peppers and a few macadamia nuts and raisins. Drinking my water now! :) need to drink tons of water, I have kick boxing tonight! :)

Lunch time was light but I had some of my butternut squash soup. :) kids have talked me into bacon wrapped chicken for dinner! :)

Dinner was awesome!! 2 bacon wrapped boneless chicken thighs, tossed salad, a little mango salsa and 5 strawberries. :) finished up my 3rd 24 oz water bottle. Going to head to kickboxing in about an hour! :)

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