Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2nd 2014

Ok, got on the scale this morning and after taking control of just 1 day I'm already down 3 pounds! Goes to show me that I was feeding myself junk! I have 44 pounds to make it to my ultimate goal! Just 19 to make it to the first goal, 32 to the 2nd goal... Then 44... We'll see if I want to do more then that once I get there! :) Here's to today and how it goes! Planning on a homemade chicken soup for dinner in the crock pot. Noodles on the side for the kids and hubby who love the noodles with their su. But not for me! :)

1 cup of coffee ( in my 20 oz cup) ;)
So far I'm on my 2nd 16 oz cup of water.. Feel kind of slacking on the water but I will get it all in by dinner time!
I've had 2 bananas
A handful of raisins
Pear and walnut salad for lunch with some of my balsamic dressing
And can't forget the strawberries I left out for the kids that I've been grazing on as well!

Chicken soup is beginning to smell amazing, can't wait to dig into that one! :) finished off my glass of water and starting on a new one as I type this up! I'm updating on these blogs throughout the day so it may seem to you as morning noon and night or even the next day. So if you are wondering about that, that would be why!

And that was so good! I had 2 bowl and some left over for lunch today!!! :) awesome recipe to add to the books!! 

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